Bubble Hash Crash Course

Bubble Hash Crash Course

BUBBLE HASH IS BACK! That’s right, Dockside Cannabis has received the best looking bubble hash we’ve ever had the honor of selling, sourced from Puffin Farm flower and extracted by literal living legend Jeff the Cannabis Reverend, one of the original bubble hash masters.
Here’s your Bubble Hash Crash Course:

HOW IT’S MADE: Bubble hash is a solventless extract created by forcing cannabis flower through various stages of filtering bags in an underwater environment. Basically you have five filters in the shape of bags, each of which has a successively smaller mm filter threshold as you get closer to the outside of the setup. You submerge all the bags in very cold water, then you put a bunch of plant matter in the middle bag and beat the living tar out of it. The plant is forced into various grades of material as it travels through each bag. Different starting materials will have different appearances, even within the same star category, and high CBD material, as you’ll see, looks and feels very different from high THC material.


HOW YOU SMOKE IT: Bubble hash is not for dabbing. Smoke it by itself, through a hash pipe (a small hand pipe with no carb), or with flower, generally on top of or sandwiched between layers of flower. The idea with hash is basically that you get it burning like a coal and steadily inhale the smoke that drifts off of it. If you have the right equipment you can do knife hits or bottle tokes, but that’s extremely old school.

2-Star: Cannalope Haze / Dancehall 20:1 (61% CBD : ~3% THC

3-Star: Holy Grail Kush 

I got into a long discussion with Jeff the Cannabis Reverend Church about the process after Dr. Ethan Russo’s lecture on Vashon Island, and he provided me with the following breakdown of how the star system works. It’s all about the assessment after the hash has finished, based on the properties that the hash possesses when consumed, such as meltability and degree-of-residue, the products are assigned a star rating.

Star rating system:

1* no melt will not press in a parchment with heat.
2* will press and has a minimal melt, stays in the same shape when smoked on the screen.
3* melts to a pile and the contaminate will boil (bubbles) into a haystack shape and stay that way when the boiling stops.
4* boils to a puddle and leaves a flat raised residue on the screen.
5* melts to a puddle and boils large clear domes with the contaminate leaving a crater of bare screen in the center with residue on the edges of the clear dome crater.
6* melts through the screen and leaves almost no residue on the screen.


All ratings are done on a screen with hashish that has been pressed with heat in a parchment. This pressing ruptures the gland heads and makes for a more even rating system as the oil is now on the outside of the gland and charring of the non oil constituents of the resin will not take place until after the volatile oil is vaporized. Unpressed hashish will char and make the rating not as accurate.
As for the .5 stars, originally they were included but most distributors felt the consumers had to many choices and it would confuse them. Originally we used them to denote when the hashish was extra tasty or extra melty but just not melty enough to hit the next star rating.This system was created by the Bizzare brothers in Oakland CA to grade hashish at their measure z hash bar.


The history of bubble hash can be told many different ways, with many different players and stars. We’re very lucky to have one nearby to spread the knowledge!