Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: 4/20 Edition!

Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: 4/20 Edition!

It’s April. That means showers, fools, and the springing of spring. It also means the highest of all high cannabis holidays: 4/20! This month we’re going classic. Classic cannabis movies (and TV shows) and classic strains and treats! All of the things you think of when you think of pot culture. As cliche as some of these things may be, they’re also an homage to this plant and just how freaking FUN it is!  So let’s celebrate! Get high, watch movies, and love life!


Half Baked with Cascade Gnome’s True OG – Did you know that OG stands for “ocean grown”? True story. And given that Half Baked is BOTH a true OG of cannabis cinema and set in San Francisco it’s pretty apt to pair the two. Enjoy Half Baked FULLY BAKED for maximum pleasure.


Up In Smoke with Far West Cannabis Acapulco Gold Prerolls – Ever wondered how your driving is when you’re still parked? Yeah, man, so had Cheech and Chong. Aside from Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson these two are the most recognizable “stoners” in pop culture. These movies aren’t award winners or on any “best of” lists but dang it if they aren’t just so fun to watch when you’re high and need to be entertained. Truly classic, just like everyone’s favorite: Acapulco Gold. These pre-rolls are done right by Far West Cannabis. Prepare to laugh and definitely don’t drive a car. That’s just not cool, man.


Smiley Face with Zootbites Caramel Espresso Brownies – There are very few films/TV shows about women who consume cannabis. As a woman who consumes cannabis regularly I find this to be a HUGE BUMMER. Luckily, we have a few gems to cling to and Smiley Face is one of them. Anna Faris as a regular cannabis consumer and actress who semi-accidentally eats an entire plate of weed cupcakes and upon realizing her mistake- decides she really needs to get some stuff done and embarks on an odyssey of strange misadventures across Los Angeles. Since weed cupcakes have yet to hit the market the closest we have is the classic weed brownie. And this delicious offering from Zoots is sure to give you a smiley face, too.

TRIPLE FEATURE ALERT! All Harold and Kumar films with Noble Farms’ Dutch Treat – When you’re high and hanging out with your best friend and you get the munchies and there’s a certain food you just HAVE TO have. That is the entire basis of this film trilogy (at least the first movie). Harold and Kumar are two best pals and roommates who love weed. After Harold has one of those days at work, he and Kumar get high and decide the only thing that would make them feel good is White Castle. So they decide they’re gonna get those tiny burgers, no matter what the cost. And thus begins a high journey of epic proportions. Will they make it to White Castle? Maybe. They might even make it to Amsterdam with a strain as awesome as this Dutch Treat.


Dazed and Confused with Cascade Gnome’s Headband – The personal favorite “stoner movie” of yours truly, this film follows two groups of students celebrating the last day of school during 1976 in Austin, Texas. One group are middle schoolers who are trying to avoid hazing on their last day of middle school before entering high school in the fall. The other are high school juniors ready to become seniors and rule the school next year (and looking for freshmen to haze in the process). Man, do these kids love to party. And party they do. I’m pretty sure if you gave them this Headband from Cascade Gnome and told them the future had weed this dank it would blow their 1976 minds. Sometimes it even blows mine.


Pineapple Express with Natural Mystic’s Pineapple Express – Is there any other way? No, there is not. Enjoy this classic strain with this hilarious movie and feel so lucky to live in a time where the cannabis is potent and the filmmaking is hilariously on point.


The Big Lebowski with Nectar Craft’s White Russian Vaporizer Cartridge – The Dude sure loves his White Russians and you will too when you pair this Coen brothers masterpiece with this delicious vape cartridge. This dude certainly abides!

Fast Times at Ridgemont High with Green Barn Farms’ Maui Waui prerolls – Jeff Spicoli is one of moviedom’s most celebrated stoner characters. The young man who ordered a pizza in the middle of class and generally just really bummed out Mr. Hand is a legendary character in Sean Penn’s stable of characters. This movie isn’t just about getting high but it’s very enjoyable to be high while watching. Spark up this delightful Maui Waui and ride the tasty waves of elevation with your old pal Spicoli.


DOUBLE FEATURE ALERT! Reefer Madness (1936) and Reefer Madness (2005) with Solstice’s Sunset Sherbet Preroll Pack – The original version of this film, meant as a propaganda film to scare kids away from cannabis use, is now a cult classic. Portraying cannabis users as depraved maniacs and criminals it is now hilariously ridiculous. So ridiculous a musical satire was made of it in 2005. Both are wicked fun and pairing them with the relaxing and happy Sunset Sherbet is a great choice. Remember when people still thought cannabis users were bad people?!? Hahaha!


Friday with Prohibition’s La Cubana Flavored Blunts – A true classic of cannabis cinema, this film starring Ice Cube about a day in the life of two stoner buddies trying to figure out how to get $200 to pay their local drug dealer and meeting a series of challenges and joys along the way (mostly challenges). One of these delightfully flavored blunts would pair perfectly with Craig and Smokey’s strange Friday.


Saving Grace with Leaph’s Cherry Pie Prerolls – Another awesome pot film about a woman! Hooray! This one is a sweet British gem about a woman who is recently and unexpectedly widowed- then discovers her husband was not only DEEPLY in debt but was also cheating on her. In an effort to retain her property she decides to go into business with her pot-smoking gardener. This movie basically makes me feel the same way Cherry Pie does: heart-warmed, happy, and giggly.


How High with North Coast Growers’ Gorilla Glue Prerolls – How high? Gorilla Glue high, that’s how high. Starring Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man and Redman this film tells the story of Jamal and Silas, two underachieving buds who through unlikely circumstances end up at Harvard University. Pair this hilarious college romp with the very stoney Gorilla Glue and give yourself an honorary PhD in being awesome.


Knocked Up with Altus’ Lavender – What happens when an irresponsible stoner impregnates a put-together entertainment news anchor? Hilarity, that’s what. Please enjoy this Judd Apatow gem with some sweet and calming Lavender.


Super High Me with Interra Oil’s KOF Cone oil/kief/flower preroll – If you want to get super high, smoke this power packed joint. If you want to see what happens when comedian Doug Benson smokes weed every day for 30 straight days. Known for his love of cannabis, this high-larious documentary follows Doug Benson’s exploration of the world of medical cannabis (it was made in 2008 prior to some states legalizing recreational adult use).


The Night Before with Walden’s Permafrost – There are nowhere near enough of two types of holiday movies: stoner holiday movies and holiday horror. But here’s a holiday stoner flick that’s fun as heck and has (in my humble opinion) one of the best drug dealers ever committed to film in it (played by the always terrific Michael Shannon). Keep it frosty and giggly with some Permafrost and have TWO high holidays in one!


Detroit Rock City with Emerald Jane’s Girl Scout Cookies – In this classic rock film set in the 70’s, four guys in a Kiss cover band have tickets to see their idols live in Detroit only to have the tickets destroyed by one of the guys’ moms who then sends him to a religious boarding school. Now they have to spring their friend from school, find new tickets, and finally see Kiss -and smoke a lot of weed in the process. Pair this fun romp with some GSC and feel like a high school kid again.


Super Troopers with Puffin  Farms’ AK-47 Prerolls – When a movie is this ridiculous it must be paired with a strain that will maximize your giggles. AK-47 delivers, as do the incompetent cops in this funny classic.


Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny with Artizen’s Blue Dream – Blue Dream is said to be an awesome strain for creativity and no band is more stoned and more creative than Tenacious D. Enjoy Kyle and Jack’s shenanigans with this dreamy and fun strain.


Your Highness with Green Mountain Valley’s Lamb’s Bread – A classic Jamaican strain like Lamb’s Bread is an excellent pairing with this “historical” saga of the age of knights and dragons and dank weed. Because giggles. Do you need a better reason?


Cabin in the Woods with Top Shelf’s Granddaddy Purple – There are very few actually good high horror films (I’m looking at you, Evil Bong). But this one is a GEM. Granted, there is only one stoner character but he’s awesome (I mean, travel bong that looks like a commuter mug?!? GENIUS!). Enjoy with this classic strain that is as relaxing as it is delightfully tasty.


Dude Where’s My Car? With Quincy Green’s Laughing Buddha – Is there a happy or more fun strain than Laughing Buddha? Not really. This movie is super dumb and everyone knows it but darn it if you don’t laugh your face off while watching it after smoking some of this excellent Laughing Buddha. Zoltan!