Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: Holiday Cheer Edition!

Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: Holiday Cheer Edition!

Bells will be rung, trees will be trimmed, eggs will be nogged. Yes, folks, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Love it or hate it, the holidays are here. We’re here to get you through all the awkward family dinners, the chaotic holiday mornings, and the one million parties you are required to attend (aren’t you one popular, cool customer!) Here are some cinema and cannabis pairings to help you de-stress and feel jolly. Although it’s hard to find holiday films that are not Christmas movies, I attempted to represent the most non-traditional holiday films possible. Enjoy! And have a wonderful holiday season!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & Mr. Moxey’s Mints Holiday Tin – If you were a child from the mid 1960s-the mid 1990s you grew up watching the Rankin/Bass holiday films (including Rudolph’s Shiny New Year, The Little Drummer Boy, Frosty the Snowman, Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey ((a personal favorite due to sheer absurdity)), Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, and The Year Without a Santa Claus). Maybe marathon them all while occasionally dipping into this adorable striped holiday tin of Mr. Moxey’s Peppermint Mints. The Abominable Snowman will seem way less terrifying than when you were 5.

The Night Before & Solstice’s Colombian Gold 1972 – You’re going to need a good sativa to give you the energy and stamina for the most awesome of all Christmas parties. Something truly classic like Colombian Gold 1972 will get you where you need to go, no matter how many crazy twists and turns your journey to the party presents. Mr. Green would approve!

Jack Frost / Silent Night Double Feature & Soulshine’s Narnia Hydrocarbon Dabs – After all of the utterly strange carnage presented by these two classic contributions to the Christmas horror genre you will need to go to your happy place. Narnia will take you through the back of the wardrobe to that very place. Just remember, it’s only a movie. Snowmen can’t be possessed by serial killers. RIGHT?!?!?

Gremlins & Seattle Green Bud’s Chaos Kush Saints Prerolls – If you get your pet wet or feed it after midnight chaos is absolutely coming your way as your fuzzy little pal spawns lizard-skinned monsters. Should your mogwai spawn many evil little imps, this Chaos Kush will totally help you deal.

Rare Exports / Sint Double Feature & Optimum Extracts’ Snowland Vaporizer Cartridge – Enjoy a continental holiday double feature with Rare Exports (Finland) and Sint (Netherlands), which both take the Santa Claus myth and turn it upside down in very different ways. Sip on your Snowland vape cartridge while you enjoy the twisted genius of European holiday tales.

fullsizerender-68Millions / Muppet Christmas Carol Double Feature & Lazy Bee’s Albino Kush
Two of the warmest and fuzziest Christmas movies ever made, these two gems pair well with the classic black pepper tinged joy of Albino Kush. It smells and tastes a little like gravy, which will warm your belly and soul while these adorable holiday films warm your heart!

The Long Kiss Goodnight & Spot Gingerbread Cookies (Indica & Sativa varieties)
So you’re just a regular old mom baking cookies for your kid for the holidays, right? Well, when you bump your noggin it turns out you’re no regular soccer mom. Nope. You have skills that cannot be explained. You can kill a dude with your bare hands. No big deal.

It’s a Wonderful Life & Natural Mystic’s Trim (available in various sizes & strains) – It IS a wonderful life when you have a ¼ or 1/2 ounce of trim to do WHATEVER you want with! Roll a bunch of holiday joints?!? YES, please! Make yourself some infused butter or coconut oil?!? Don’t mind if I do! The possibilities are endless, just like the wonderful things in life that keep us alive! YAY! George Bailey would be proud!?

Bad Santa / Scrooged Double Feature & Lucid’s Fresh Mint Vaporizer Cartridge – You know what’s almost as refreshing as this cartridge? Holiday movies about people that aren’t all happy and winning at life and full of joy. Not everyone is #blessed. Sometimes holidays suck and these two classic holiday films remind us that it’s okay to revel in the misery but no matter how hard you try, the holiday spirit will get you. It will grow your heart several sizes like The Grinch, whether you like it or not.

Die Hard & Leaph’s Cactus – When you’re going up against a team of international terrorists led by the charismatic Hans Gruber and trying to win your wife back just in time for the holidays you’re going to need a strain that will give you focus, energy, and creativity. Cactus is your dude. Oh, and your trusty driver Argyle.

Eight Crazy Nights / The Hebrew Hammer Double Feature & Seagoat Chocolates – The adult version of chocolate gelt! Except it’s fair trade and artisan made, which is so much better! Enjoy your Hanukkah movies with these absolutely delicious chocolates available in Mint, Milk, Dark, and White varieties, perfect for throwing in the pot during dreidel.

Krampus & Walden’s Glacier OG Kief Kissed Preroll – Yet another continental contribution to the creepy Christmas canon is the legend of Krampus, a kind of shadow twin to Santa Claus, who punishes bad children. Half man, half goat, this holiday legend received an American film treatment last year. Don’t get left in the cold where Krampus can get you.

Judy Garland Christmas Special & Spot White Chocolate with Cranberries and Orangeholiday_chocolateSpend your holiday with Judy, Liza, and Lorna! Oh, and Mel Torme.This classic episode of The Judy Garland Show was filmed at the height of Garland’s quaalude-addled best! Pair it with these holiday-tastic chocolate treats and remember a time where Judy was queen and classic holiday song and dance was everywhere! Bonus fun fact: Several live productions of this holiday special have been done in various cities, mostly starring drag queens as Judy, Liza, and Lorna. If you can find one, I would HIGHLY recommend checking it out.

Black Christmas / Christmas Evil Double Feature & North Coast Growers’ Granddaddy Purple – Ah, the holidays! What a time for hot beverages by the fire, cozy sweaters, and cold-blooded murder! After the blitz you’re gonna need something to chill you out so watch many episodes of Bob’s Burgers and/or Rick and Morty and mellow out with North Coast’s Granddaddy Purple.  

200 Cigarettes & American Baked Company’s Tomato Basil Soup w/Parmesan Crisps and/or Spicy Cheddar Crackers – The holidays are rough as illustrated by this film, which follows a handful of characters on an odyssey throughout New York City on New Year’s Eve in 1981. Some are looking for a party, some are looking for love, some have no idea what they’re looking for. This movie is the cinema equivalent of comfort food with a killer soundtrack to boot! Speaking of comfort food, how about some delicious tomato soup with Parmesan crisps and/or spice cheddar crackers? Get your cozy on while watching a great movie with an incomparable cast and eating some delicious infused soup! It really doesn’t get much more awesome than that!