Dockside Mixtapes

Dockside Mixtapes

We’re pretty big fans of various forms of cannabis here at Dockside. It is, after all, our jobs. And one of our favorite things to do when we consume cannabis is to listen to music. If anything has been learned by anyone who shops here regularly we all have pretty different tastes when it comes to tunes. So we’ve compiled a little list of what we’re smoking/vaping/eating/dabbing and what sweet jams are inspired by our cannabis choices.

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Gabe, General Manager: Acapulco Gold accompanied by Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves.

Mattie, SoDo: Yesterday evening I was chillin by my woodstove, dabbing Aliens on Moonshine, listening to Buena Vista Social Club.  A fantastic pairing for a rainy night of chilling, and reading “Smoke Signals” by Martin A. Lee. (Editor’s note: this is Dockside’s book club’s current selection. Yes, we have a book club because stoners are SMART.)

Daisy, Shoreline: I’ve got sun-powered euphoria in a bag thanks to Powder Hound from Lazy Bee. Love at first inhale, I needed some “Willie The Pimp” in my ears immediately. Digging through my pile of records, I was relieved to pull out HOT RATS by Frank Zappa. Piney, lemony, skunky sweetness slapped an easy smile on my face while I played catch up with an old buddy from Bellingham. We talked about music, the state of Seattle, and our first time watching Reefer Madness. A motivating strain for chatty social situations.

Cody, SoDo: On a dark and stormy night, I sat down with some high quality Dutch Treat and tuned into Tame Impala’s latest album, Currents. After a few long drags, I became distracted from the visual field as my irises began expanding and contracting with the bass. The synth reverberated across my eardrums, evoking a hazy, hypnotic brain frequency. Ethereal melodies and body percussion danced over my skin. Kevin Parker’s soothing voice emanated existential bliss from deep within my chest that traveled up my throat to occupy the empty spaces in the back of my brain. Low-fi distortion harmonized perfectly with the low-pitched drone of my soul in perpetual free fall through space-time. I was at peace.

Sara, Buyer for Shoreline: Durban poison- South Africa landrace strain paired with  “From Parow with Love”, by Jack Parow, my FAVE South African rapper

Gorilla Glue, such a tippy lil mamma jamma paired with “The Further Adventures if Lord Quas,” by Quasimoto

Cactus by Leaph, an all the time get your boogie on kind of strain that pairs perfectly with the British super group with velveteen voices and slightly psychedelic lyrics, Cream. I prefer the Best Of album, “I feel Free” is a killer track to represent though.

Acapulco Gold, an up and energizing social strain that pairs nicely with “Soy Sauce”, by The Mexican Institute of Sound. It’s the perfect album to sip sangria with friends, deep clean your kitchen, or dance like you’re Rihanna, even though you’re not.

Sour Diesel and Parliamant Funkadelic (any album) PlushBerry paired with Type O Negative (song: Black No. 1), because plushberry makes me feel all soft and sexy and gothic and a little silly, and Type O is all of those things.

Riley, SoDo: The Deftones- White Pony with Interra KOF Tricone Indica.

Toots & The Maytals- Pressure Drop with Natural Mystic’s Irie OG prerolls.

Aaron, Director: KEXP Saturday mornings – Positive Vibrations 9-noon (also on archive) – with a cup of coffee and North Coast Dutch Treat or Leaph‘s Cactus.

Suzi, Shoreline:  I listen to the Tame Impala album “Currents” a lot when I’m cleaning or organizing and it pairs very well with Powderhound from Lazy Bee.  Powderhound gives you some electric energy that just makes you want to dance but your mind will get gluey and start analyzing the lyrics super tough.

Jackson, Buyer for SoDo: Natural Mystic Tahoe OG & Nujabes, Leaph Cin-x & Black Moth Super Rainbow, Artizen Dutchberry & Simon & Garfunkel.

Jeremy, Shoreline: Albino Kush with Andre Nickatina’s I’m a Junkie.  Powder Hound with Andre Nickatina’s Fly like a Bird.

Molly, Shoreline: OG Matic and the album Crush by Lettuce. I makes me feel like I’m inside a video game of funk.

Chelsea R., Shoreline Store:  I’ve mostly been getting high and listening to my favorite podcast, My Favorite Murder, which is hilarious and awesome. But when I’m not enjoying comedy and true crime stories I listen to a lot of dance music made by rad ladies like Le Tigre, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Tacocat, Tove Lo, and Adele. My favorite strains for dance parties are Super Lemon Haze and Girl Scout Cookie. Super Lemon Haze because it gives me great stamina and a lovely euphoria and Girl Scout Cookie because it puts me in my body and makes dancing feel amazing. Now I wanna have a dance party…