Dockside Shoreline Artist Spotlight: Tina Ballew

Dockside Shoreline Artist Spotlight: Tina Ballew

AT DOCKSIDE, WE LOVE TO HOST WORK FROM LOCAL ARTISTS. We believe it is important to integrate art into public settings in order to inspire people and increase their awareness and appreciation for the arts and for life.  Arguably, the work of an artist is to offer new entry points to ideas, create new relationships between concepts, and out of this comes new meaning. Many creative thinkers appreciate the mental synchronicity between cannabis and their process.  The effects of cannabis offer a perspective-opening departure from a linear perception of time as well as heightened freethought association.  This month, we are so excited to host the work of local artist Tina Ballew at our Shoreline location.  In addition to using cannabis as a creative stimulant Ballew makes it the subject of her photographs.  You may recognize her work from Dope Magazine.  Check out our interview with her below and be sure to visit Ballew’s website to see what else she’s been up to.



Q: How did you end up as a working artist in Seattle?
The usual, a friend of a friend.  After weed became legalized I started messing around with the strains I had. I contacted Dope Magazine in 2015 and they were pretty stoked on me.  I’ve been on a roll ever since!


Q: What is your artistic process like?
When it comes to work, I usually have an immediate idea, it just kind of springs into my head.  I have the same reaction with my personal work but I usually get to take it to a weirder level.
I also am really fascinated with reflections, light refractions, and the illusions you can create with photography.  Even without Photoshop, you can have a really surreal element to a photo.  If I can make you do a double-take at one of my portraits then I feel like I’ve succeeded.


Q: How does cannabis play into your artistic process?
Smoking weed has always aided me in thinking outside the box.  I’m not always high when I set up for portraits but mostly when I’m brainstorming. My favorite places to be high are party and craft stores.  You might find me wandering the aisles giggling to myself.


Q: In what ways does your art connect people to cannabis?
Doesn’t weed have the best names?  When I’m asked to create a photo for a certain strain, I like to take it to the most simple (sometimes silly) level.  I like to make it fun because weed has fun names.  I think everyone who has ever smoked weed has had a laugh over the names.


Q: What would your dream project look like?I feel like it would be something on a much bigger scale.  Perhaps with me getting to dabble in art direction, set design, and maybe even have hair and make-up people.  Getting to do an ad campaign for food or fashion would be a dream!  Also, working for other magazines like VICE, Wired, or Nylon would be really cool
If you like Ballew’s work, you can follow her tumbler and of course, stop by Dockside Cannabis Shoreline to see it in real life!


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