Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner Nov ’17!

It’s time for your monthly cannabis and cinema matchups!

Hello, Dockside Canna-sseurs/Cinemaphiles! I got busy and didn’t have the opportunity to provide you all with my wonderfully awesome cinema & cannabis pairings in October so this is my hybrid October spooky films/November Thanksgiving flicks recommendations! Hooray! Please enjoy!

Dracula/Frankenstein/Wolf Man/Creature from the Black Lagoon (aka Universal Monsters movies) with Coastal Cannabis’ Loctite – This Gorilla Glue cannabis hybrid will likely not turn you into a beast but it’ll sure make watching other people turn into beasts FAR more entertaining!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) with Firebros’ Lemon Alien Dawg Rosin – Do you feel like an alien, dawg? If not, this awesome horror/sci-fi classic in which people look just like themselves but they sure are acting funny will make you feel pretty weird. In a great way. Hopefully.

TRIPLE FEATURE ALERT! Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Rear Window, and The Birds with Leaph’s LA Confidential Rosin – This relaxing indica rosin is a perfect pairing with the spooky tension Hitchcock was the master of. You can literally never go wrong with a Hitchcock film. Or LA Confidential!

The Bad Seed with Evergreen Herbal CBD Sugar – Some things (and people) look sweet but have, well, something bubbling under the surface. Sometimes it’s something dark like in the case of sweet little blonde darling, Rhoda Penmark. Sometimes it’s the awesome magic of CBD sugar (1:1 CBD:THC and 10:1 CBD:THC varieties available). In real life, I prefer CBD. But in the movies I sure do enjoy a little evil, especially in a most unexpected package.

DOUBLE FEATURE ALERT! The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari/Nosferatu with Top Shelf Dutch Hawaiian – Sometimes, when I watch very dark movies I like to pair them with an almost impossibly joyful strain. A little dark and a little light. So when I watch crazy artsy weird old movies or creepy old vampire flicks a little of the magically euphoric Dutch Hawaiian really give me a well balanced and awesome experience. Add blanket, tea, and rainy day and you’ve got the whole package.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with Solstice’s Candyland Preroll Pack – Oh, John Candy. I’m like STILL bummed about his death, so many years later. One of the true greats, especially when it comes to holiday movies of the 1980’s. Pair some Candyland with this classic buddy road movie starring Candy and Steve Martin and you’ll be ready to hang with your family!

Home for the Holidays with Doc & Yeti’s Brandywine – If you’re STILL not ready for family holiday hangs, this one will certainly put everything into perspective for you. Pair with the ever-so-chill Brandywine for best effect.

Pieces of April with Emerald Peaks’ Chocolate Fudge – This movie is so sweet, you almost don’t need candy to get through it. But this fudge is so good you’ll be glad you did. If you’ve ever had the kind of Thanksgiving where you’ve been desperate to prove how mature you are but the whole world seemed against you then you will relate deeply to this phenomenal ensemble comedy/drama.

The Ice Storm with Canna Organix’ Blackberry Kush Concentrate – Speaking of amazing casts, this movie has one, too! It’s all about dysfunctional families in the midst of a holiday ruining ice storm. It’s rife with adultery, alcohol, and general awkwardness. If you don’t like the typical heartwarming family holiday films, this one’s for you! Pair with Canna Organix’s delicious and relaxing as heck Blackberry Kush.

Son-In-Law with Happy Apple Infused Apple Drink – Wheeeeezin’ the juuuuuice! If you’re familiar with the works of Pauly Shore you are already aware of this awesomely bad 90’s classic. I have probably seen this movie at least 15 times and I have loved it every single viewing. Follow the shenanigans of Pauly Shore’s “Crawl” as he heads home to rural South Dakota with his friend Rebecca to join her very square family for Thanksgiving. If you wheeze the juice (aka drink this delicious slightly sparkling apple cider beverage) while enjoying Son-In-Law you will truly understand the magic of both Pauly Shore and family. ENJOY!