Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: Summer Fun Edition!


While it’s a fact that there truly ain’t no cure for the summertime blues, it’s pretty easy to prevent getting them in the first place.  I mean, there’s summer camp, amusement parks, Patrick Swayze, shenanigans, fireworks, bonfires…and movies. Sure, summer isn’t as awesome as it was when were kids and we could cause trouble with our friends all day and night but we can at the very least live vicariously through the films on this list. Pair these great summer flicks with my dank cannabis recommendations and you’ll be a Summer Bummer never and a Summer Lover forever.


Addams Family Values with Cascade Gnome’s Black Cherry Soda – If Wednesday Addams were a real live person and she was an adult cannabis user you know she’d be down with Black Cherry Soda. The flower itself is as dark as Wednesday’s sense of humor and as delicious as her wit. Plus, its mellow indica vibes will make you feel floaty and happy.


Wet Hot American Summer with Happy Apple Sparkling Apple Cider – This movie and this delicious infused beverage are very similar: bubbly, fun, and completely unexpected. This oddball summer camp flick about dysfunctional adult camp counselors will make you just as happy as this incredibly delicious drink!


I Know What You Did Last Summer with Doc & Yeti’s Buffalo Bill BHO – The only way to have a truly killer summer is to pair the scarily named Buffalo Bill with this super 90’s scream fest. Don’t be put off by the name Buffalo Bill. It won’t insist you put the lotion in the basket or you’ll get the hose. Again. Oh no, this Buffalo Bill will thrill you with stoney fun, just in time to see if they STILL KNOW what you did last summer (seriously, make this one a double feature and watch the sequel. You won’t regret it!).


Dirty Dancing with Top Shelf’s Pineapple Super Silver Haze Prerolls – Carrying a watermelon is hard work. You know what’s easier? Carrying a pineapple. You know what’s way less dangerous (pineapples are POKEY!)? Carrying a couple of Pineapple Super Silver Haze joints in your pocket to enhance your summer activities. Regardless, just make sure no one tries to put you in a corner. Very uncool.


Before Sunrise with Fire Bros Sour Cookies – Ah, love! Young love! What a magical experience. To be young, in love, and on a backpacking trip across Europe. GROSS. And by gross I mean awesome if it’s in Richard Linklater’s non-icky romance, Before Sunrise. Sour Cookies feels like falling in love: you’re excited, your limbs are kinda numb, and you just need to DANCE! Be like Celine and Jesse, minus the passport and deep discussion.


Adventureland with Oleum’s Gorilla Glue Distillate – Speaking of young love, sometimes when you find it at the amusement park, it will break your heart. Hit you like a ton of bricks. Just like this concentrate from Oleum, but of course this concentrate will just make you happy… whereas love and the Tilt-A-Whirl will likely just make you feel weird and nauseous.


American Graffiti with Puffin Farm’s Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Vape Cartridge – Summer sometimes means endings and that means saying goodbye to friends you thought you’d know for your whole life. But the best part about summer is you can pack a lot into it, which makes you feel good. Almost as good as this vape cartridge will make you feel while you’re cruising the strip, trying to see and be seen before summer’s over and everyone goes their separate ways.


The Parent Trap with Evergreen Herbal’s Ruby Sugar Mango Gems – Mischievous twins find each other at summer camp and try to reunite their estranged parents in this classic Disney romp. The only thing more fun than meddling in the affairs of others is these delicious little tablets of dried fruit and Ruby infused sugar! Pop a couple of these bad boys and enjoy the hijinx of Hayley Mills x2!


Weekend at Bernie’s with Leaph’s Cherry Pie Bong of Ice & Fire Caviar – I’m pretty sure Bernie’s not dead, he just toked this caviar a little too hard and can’t feel his limbs. It’s chill Bernie, we’re just gonna keep partying, join us when you “wake up”.


The Seven Year Itch with Seattle Green Bud’s Critical Cure – Summer can be brutal when your family is at the lake and Marilyn Monroe is your champagne and potato chip loving neighbor! But fear not, this Critical Cure will make you feel so good you’ll be like, “Marilyn who? I’m too high to care!”


DOUBLE FEATURE ALERT! Sleepaway Camp / Friday the 13th with Doc & Yeti’s Blueberry Kush – Summer camp! How fun was summer camp? The most fun. Unless you went to Camp Arawak or Camp Crystal Lake, then summer camp was MURDER! If you do go into the woods make sure you bring some of this uber-relaxing Blueberry Kush. And look out for Mrs. Voorhees.


Super 8 with North Coast Growers’ Blue Bird prerolls – When you’re young, summer is the best! No school, you can do whatever you want, and all your friends can hang out whenever. Even a wee alien invasion isn’t going to stop these kids from having a bitchin’ summer. Enjoy their cool experimental films and this awesome alien movie with Blue Bird’s stoney fun vibes and you’ll be well on your way to having a bitchin’ summer as well.


Picnic with Green Barn Farms’ Dr. Greenthumb – You might need something sedative after seeing the handsome drifter who just wandered into town and this Dr. Greenthumb is just the ticket. Just make sure you don’t fall in love. Too late.


Gidget with Solstice’s High Tide Preroll Pack – Surf’s up, Moondoggie! Hang ten with this magical preroll pack and this fine and classic motion picture about young surfer Gidget and all the boys who don’t think she can be a badass surfer girl (spoiler alert: she IS a badass surfer girl!). The luau is going to rule this year!


A Walk on the Moon with Burnwell’s Peaches and Cream preroll – Summer camp for families used to be a thing, I guess? At least in this movie it was and when Diane Lane takes her family to the woods of New York in the summer of ‘69 things get heated! Especially when the super-hot “blouse guy” starts making googly eyes at the housewife. Oooh, you’re gonna wanna be high for this and Peaches and Cream will certainly get you there. Did I mention Viggo Mortensen plays the “blouse guy”? Yeah. Swoooooooon.