How to Reduce Spreading Germs While Sharing a Joint

It’s cold and flu season (and coronavirus season if we’re being specific). With everyone around you getting sick, it’s best not to a take a chance. Which is why we at Dockside have put together this quick and easy guide for sharing joints. You can find additional information about the coronavirus here.

Just a note, if you are sick, especially with COVID 19 or any upper respiratory illness, it’s best to abstain from smoking. Dockside offers an assortment of tinctures and edibles to get you high without setting your immune system back.


Step 1.

Make a fist with your dominate joint holding hand. Place the joint in a knuckle that is farthest or 2nd farthest from the mouth (to avoid spit contaminating your joint).

Step 2. 

Bring the joint to your mouth and inhale.

Step 3. 

This step is optional, but if you use your other hand to act as a carb you can get a deeper hit.


Puff, puff and pass with peace of mind knowing you’ve survived another day without getting sick or feel better knowing you didn’t infect your smoking buddies.