Why Dockside?

Because we share your values and are committed to delivering the best possible cannabis shopping experience.
  • We believe in quality product AND service

    We know that in this industry, trust and quality go hand-in-hand, and these can only be achieved through dedication and effort. Here at Dockside, our aim is to provide you experienced service and carefully curated products in a friendly yet professional atmosphere - the good stuff with a smile.
  • We believe in community

    We wouldn’t be what we are without our community, and that’s why we give back in any way we can. Our Street Team works to promote healthy relationships between our business and our neighbors, and by offering monthly free Cannabis 101 classes and hosting talks at local senior centers, we provide safe spaces for those who are curious about what this amazing plant can offer. Connecting with those around us is vital to showing appreciation for the community in which we work and live, and helps us earn the respect of those who aren’t ready to embrace cannabis - yet!
  • We cultivate a sense of wonder

    Our staff is a made up of an eclectic mix of people with a few big things in common. We are all curious and passionate about exploring and understanding our world. We seek meaningful experiences and nerd-out over product knowledge. We appreciate the opportunity to offer recommendations and resources to people of all experience levels. Our enthusiasm for education extends into the public through our blog, events, workshops, talks, and in-house cannabis museum.
  • We believe in accessibility

    For as many years as we have been around, we’ve been helping to safely and responsibly improve access to marijuana. We recognize that buying weed can be an intimidating experience - especially for a newcomer - and there’s more to it than just a safe and legal environment. At Dockside, it is our ultimate goal to be approachable and accommodating to all. That shows up in everything we do from choosing store locations with tons of free parking to making sure everything is easy to shop from a wheelchair. From start to finish, we want to help you have a positive experience.
  • We believe in fun

    Fantastic products, meaningful interactions, a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere, and a ton of fun with friendly, like-minded people.
    Meet us at Dockside!
    You can find our full-assortment stores in SodoShoreline, and Ballard, with an express location at 85th & Aurora!