Dockside is proud to have provided safe access, free education, and quality medical consultations for Washington State’s cannabis patients since 2011.

Our first access point, Dockside Co-op in Seattle’s eclectic Fremont neighborhood, served our wonderful medical cannabis patients from 2011 to 2016. In the wake of Initiative 502, which legalized recreational cannabis in Washington, medical dispensaries were moved into a recreational store model. Dockside opened two retail stores to start, but the city’s zoning laws prevented our Fremont location from obtaining a recreational license and our original shop was, sadly, required to close.

Fortunately, we received medical endorsements for both of our recreational locations, in the SODO and Shoreline neighborhoods, shortly thereafter. We have since opened two additional locations, both medically endorsed: one in Ballard, and another in Green Lake right off of Aurora Ave N where it intersects with 85th St. We look forward to welcoming new patients and familiar faces alike, as we continue in our quest to serve patients with educated, compassionate, and friendly staff at all four Dockside Cannabis stores.

At Dockside, we are proud of our history as a medical cannabis organization, and still work to further our patient outreach. We regularly speak at medical caregiver conferences, senior centers, hospices and hospitals around the Northwest!

Have questions about obtaining a Medical Patient Recognition Card? Read our Medical Cannabis FAQs.