Medical Marijuana

Certified Medical Marijuana Consultants 11am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday

We have been providing safe access, education, and consultation for patients since 2011.

Our first access point, Dockside Co-Op in downtown Fremont, served our wonderful medical marijuana patients from 2011 to 2016. In the wake of the I-502 Bill passing, medical dispensaries were forced into recreational stores that were able to qualify for medical endorsements. Unfortunately, zoning laws prevented our Fremont location from obtaining a recreational license and we were required to close. Happily, we received medical endorsements for both of our recreational locations, located in SoDo and Shoreline, shortly thereafter. Now, we look forward to welcoming new patients and familiar faces alike as we continue to do our best to serve patients with educated, compassionate and well-trained staff at Dockside Cannabis stores.

Dockside is committed to Medical Marijuana

In accordance with I-502 law, access to patient discounts, medical possession limits, and consultations with our certified medical cannabis consultants are only available to those who have a medical marijuana authorization form issued by a WA State health care provider on the standardized form provided by the department of health.

Medical Marijuana Consultation Policy

Once you have an authorization, you can bring it to us at either store along with a valid form of government issued ID. We will enter you into the state medical database and print an MMJ recognition card for you. This process takes about 15-30 minutes and includes a one-on-one chat with one of our state-certified Medical Marijuana Consultants. For first-time patients being entered into the database, there is a $20 fee for the consultation (this fee is waived with a purchase of $20 or more in-store the day of your consultation). We also offer additional 30-minute medical consultations, FREE of charge, for all current medical cardholders.

Medical Marijuana Patients Get Exclusive Benefits at Dockside Cannabis

  • Access to our knowledgeable consultants: Specific advice on how our products can help your symptoms or condition.
  • No sales tax + an additional 10% Patient Discount

General Benefits Offered to Registered Medical Marijuana Patients

  • Purchases free of the 9.6% sales tax
  • Purchase and possession allowance up to 3x the limit for a recreational user:
    • 3 ounces of dried, usable marijuana
    • 21 grams of concentrate
    • 48 ounces of edibles in solid form
    • 216 ounces of edibles in liquid form
  •  Permission to grow 6-15 plants, depending on your doctor’s recommendation, and possess up to 8 ounces of cannabis from those plants for your personal use. This compares to 4 plants as a MMJ patient who has not registered, and 0 plants for the recreational user.
  • Higher-THC products, when they become available
  • ”Affirmative defense” in a court of law that greatly increases the chance of defeating or mitigating the legal consequences of conduct considered unlawful at some levels of government.

What to Expect Each Time You Visit

WA state Department of Health regulations require us to verify your recognition card on each visit. This is a simple process that does not reveal or store any personal information. Please present your recognition card at the beginning of each visit at the same time you present your ID, and then we can verify your card while you start browsing! If you need specific advice about medical cannabis, you can request the help of one of our state-certified medical marijuana consultants (MMCs). These dedicated staff members are available Tuesday-Saturday from 11 AM to 6 PM (often longer!). To guarantee a consultation with an MMC, please call ahead (1-844-DOCK-420) to confirm that a consultant is available. Whether you are speaking to an MMC or not, any of our educated associates will be happy to help you find the best products for your needs. At the register, you’ll be asked to show your ID and recognition card again- this allows us to remove the state sales tax from your purchase as well as provide an additional patient appreciation discount!  

Additional Resources

As we all know, the Internet can easily lead us down a rabbit hole bursting with questionable information. Fortunately, we are experts in the cannabis field, and we’ve found some credible resources and fantastic jumping-off points for your home research and education. Check these out, and let us know if you have questions! Additional Resources: - A wealth of cannabis science articles and specific information about using cannabis to help with various medical issues - Clinical studies and case reports - Americans for Safe Access (ASA) The medical and legal resource - Info on Whole Plant Extract (additionally called Rick Simpson Oil/RSO) - Info on making infusions - The story of one of the most influential cannabis pioneers - Practical advice for using Dietary Cannabis, raw cannabis juice - The Journal of Cannabis Medicine publishes informative articles about medical cannabis and much more named after O'Shaugnessy, one of the first pioneers to publicly suggest that cannabis was applicable as medicine in the mid 19th's century. - A database containing information on the characteristics of various strains and their effects, histories, and cultivation processes. Washington State Deptartment of Health - General information about Washington State Medical Marijuana

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