Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: Pride Month Edition!

Chelsea’s Cannabis + Cinema Corner: Pride Month Edition!

Summer is coming! Finally! And with the heat and longer days comes the magic of Pride Month! There are parades, drag shows, DJ nights, and parties all over cities across this great land of ours celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. It’s pretty much the most fun you can have ever while supporting your LGBTQ+ friends, family, neighbors, or yourself. I’m here to help you find the best ways to wind down after you’re all partied out and want to celebrate but would prefer to do it from your couch with your consumption method of choice. Let’s get high and celebrate love!


John Waters: This Filthy World with Far West’s Acapulco Gold – This strain used to be often considered “dirt weed”. Of course this was prior to now when gardens like Far West grow magnificently gorgeous flower that’s potent as heck. What better way to celebrate the wit and wisdom of the King of Filth (or the Pope of Trash, either accolade is worthy of the man himself) than smoking some of this fine strain and watching his one-man show? Having seen him live several times (he comes to town for both a Christmas AND Valentine’s show every year), I can tell you he is absolutely delightfully entertaining. Bonus viewing: any and/or all of John Waters’ films.


Paris is Burning with Leaph’s Cherry Pie Caviar – “Opulence…you own…EVERYTHING!” is one of many lines that make this documentary about the early vogue/drag scene in New York City. And nothing says OPULENCE quite like caviar, especially of one of my top 5 all-time favorite strains, Cherry Pie. This is the strain that made me coin the term “sparkle body” because that is exactly how your body feels when you consume it. So pretty, so sparkly, so magical.


But I’m a Cheerleader with Oleum’s Girl Scout Cookie Honey Crystal – One of my favorite strains and one of my favorite films- together at last! But I’m a Cheerleader is about an all-American apple pie high school gal who is sent to a conversion therapy camp because her parents think she’s gay. The catch is, she doesn’t even know if she’s gay or not! When she meets an out and proud lesbian at camp and she finds herself developing feelings for her she wonders if perhaps her parents are right. This giggle-worthy comedy goes quite well with the happy and carefree Girl Scout Cookie honey crystal from Oleum.


Far From Heaven with The Goodship’s Tart Cherry Pastilles – Todd Haynes’ homage to the Douglas Sirk classic “All That Heaven Allows” is a vintage melodrama that takes you back to an age when suppressing one’s sexuality was commonplace and a polished facade was everything. In this particular instance a picture perfect marriage in the 1950’s is put under a microscope to reveal a husband’s desires behind closed doors don’t include his wife and a wife’s true heart’s desire finds solace in a gardener with a different skin color than her own. This combo is a perfect reminder of the good things that have carried with us from the past (delicious after dinner mints) and those we have evolved and left behind (the social “norms” and societal judgement).


Brokeback Mountain with Spot’s 1:1 CBD Milk or Dark Chocolate Squares – This movie is heartbreaking to watch. Two men fall in love after spending a season herding sheep all alone in the hills of Wyoming. When they get back to their “regular lives” they have a hard time letting go of the love they shared. The ratio of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD per chocolate (it’s a two pack) is a lovely sweet spot for viewing a film with such depth of emotion and tenderness. Don’t forget the tissues.


Boys Don’t Cry with North Coast Growers’ Strawberry Banana – Another tearjerker, this film is the true story of Brandon Teena (played by Hilary Swank), a transgender man who falls for a local woman. When her ex-convict friends find out Brandon’s secret their love and his life are in jeopardy. After your heart gets broken by this film, help heal it with this calming and delicious indica.


Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Seattle Green Buds’ Cotton Candy prerolls – This movie is the most fun! It’s a musical, it’s delightful, it teaches us to never put a bra in a dryer! John Cameron Mitchell’s celebrated musical is brought to big screen life and it’s well worth the price of admission (or rental, as it were). I’ve probably seen this movie at least 10 times and the soundtrack is on my phone always. It’s fierce, it’s fabulous, and at it’s core it’s as sweet as can be.


The Kids Are All Right with Doc & Yeti’s Brandywine – Recent Dope Cup winner for best indica Brandywine is a fine companion for this family dramedy about the children of a lesbian couple who decide to find their donor “father” and get to know him, despite their mothers’ wishes that he remain anonymous to them. The comforting relaxation of Brandywine helps balance the dischord this family experiences as their lives change, for better or worse, when a new person enters the picture.


DOUBLE FEATURE ALERT! Pariah and Moonlight with Solstice’s Shurman #7 – These two films focus on the black gay experience through the stories of young lesbian Alike and Chiron, as we follow him through his childhood, teenagehood, and adulthood as he comes of age and his sexuality awakens. A not too stoney yet relaxing indica high in CBD like Shurman #7 (and recent Dope Cup winner for Best CBD flower) is an excellent companion for these beautiful and moving tales of budding love and self-realization.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Evergreen Herbal’s Ruby Sugar – What else goes so well with a sweet transvestite but SUGAR?!? This cult classic just goes better with some cannabis!


A Single Man with Burnwell’s Peaches and Cream – Peaches and Cream’s mellow vibes go very well with this slow burning and beautiful film by clothing designer Tom Ford. A man loses his lover and begins to question whether life is even worth living but as his day progresses the answer may not be as simple as he thought. Enjoy this colorful gem with some sweet buds!


Milk with Western Cultured’s Cascade Connie prerolls – This film, about the life and assassination of San Francisco politician Harvey Milk, is another heartbreaker. But of course one that is so important to watch and learn from. But if you need a little mood boost after or during this one to make you feel a little better about the state of the world this Cascade Connie will do you right.

Velvet Goldmine and Kiona’s Lemon Cheesecake Thai prerolls – Glam rock 70’s extravaganza! If you wanna feel super sparkly and rock n roll you can pair it with the magical Lemon Cheesecake Thai! It tastes like it’s name and it’s a sweet treat to go with your platform glitter boots and many many scarves.  


DOUBLE FEATURE ALERT! To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar and The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert with Puffin Farms’ Lavender Haze – Two very long names and two awesome drag queen road trips! Watch these two complementary films in a lavender haze like they’re meant to be viewed.


The Birdcage with Lazy Bee’s Jillybean – A fun as heck movie deserves a fun as heck strain to go with it. And this is it! Jillybean tastes like magical candy and is a perfect companion to this bubbly and fun film about a son who is reluctant to introduce his family’s ultra conservative family to his gay fathers. Robin Williams. Nathan Lane. Need I say more?


Imagine Me & You with Interra’s Black Cherry Soda Cartridge – What happens when you meet the love of your life…at your own wedding? That’s what happens to Rachel when she sees Luce in the crowd at her wedding…to a man that she loves very much. The only thing that can help with this level of confusion: calming and euphoric Black Cherry Soda!


In & Out with Journeyman’s Munchie Pack – Cookies! Infused with cannabis! And this classic of 90’s cinema starring Kevin Kline as a high school drama teacher who is thanked and then outed by a former student in his Academy Award speech. The catch is, he’s engaged to a woman. Totes. Awkward.


My Summer of Love with Green Labs Plushberry Infused Joints – Teenage love! What magic! What foolishness! No matter what your sexual orientation you know what that feels like. And frankly, it feels the same as smoking this Plushberry. Minus the awful crushing sadness. Just the good, happy, giddy vibes. Smoke one of these infused joints and revel in one girl’s first summer love. And be glad you get to skip that crushing sadness part.