5 Ways to Harness Your Chill in the New Year

Ahh, it’s the time of year where we’re all reflecting and goal setting, so why not take this opportunity to prioritize a little extra self-care in 2020. We know how hard it is to take time for yourself, but we can’t emphasize enough just how impactful some restorative solo activities can be on improving your mental health. The winter can be a rough season for many in Seattle, so if you’re feeling like you need a little reset, here’s a few inner-peace-promoting solo activities that pair well with cannabis that you can try at home.


Listen to an Entire Album

Find an album you enjoy, or one you want to explore, and commit to listening to the whole thing from start to finish. Turn the lights off, put your phone on airplane mode, spread out your yoga mat, and lie down. Laying on the ground can feel literally grounding, and dedicating focus to just one thing can feel like a luxury during the middle of a busy week.

Cannabis pairing suggestions: Try pairing with an edible, like Emerald Peak’s Carms or Fudge, or Craft Elixirs Pioneer Squares. Pop the edible in 30-90mins ahead so it has time to kick in before you’re ready to turn on the tunes. If you don’t want your high to last quite as long, try smoking some heavy bodied cerebral flower. Our budtenders are happy to help you select something for the occasion!



Although coloring is great entertainment and motor-skill development for children, it also has great benefits for adults. We were skeptical of the trend at first, but we decided to give it a try as adults and WOW, the therapeutic effects were amazing.

Here are a few places you can print some for FREE! The Spruce CraftsSuper Coloring, and Just Color.

Cannabis pairing suggestions: Try pairing with a focus-promoting weed strain like Kiona’s Uptown Piff, Sweetwater’s Peaches and Diesel, LuvIT Farms’ Humboldt Royal Kush, Lemonade’s Lemoncello 28, Lazy Bee’s Powderhound, or Natural Mystic’s Laughing Buddha.


Take a Long Hot Bath

Everyone deserves a good relaxing soak and we encourage you to go all out! Set the mood by lighting some candles and gather up any other supplies you might want in the next hour (snacks, a good book, etc.). If you are living that sans bath apartment life, no sweat, a long foot soak can be just as enjoyable. Find a large bowl, fill it with hot water, and throw in some Epsom salts and add essential oils or a bath bomb if you’re feeling fancy.

Cannabis pairing suggestions: Try pairing with a Wild Mint Soak Bath Bomb ($18), or a Wild Mint Tootsies Fizzy Foot Soak ($9). Wild Mint products are made with all organic food-grade ingredients. If you are a beer/wine in the bath type of person, try sipping on a Happy Apple Sparkling Cider, which will optimize the post-bath relaxation vibes.


Organize Something

Pick one small organizational project that won’t take you more than half an hour to complete. If your day to day routine involves multitasking several ambiguous projects, it can be really gratifying to do one thing that you can fully control (maybe it’s organizing your sock drawer, or getting rid of all the Tupperware that doesn’t have a lid). This is a good activity if you are the type of person who “always needs to be doing something” and the idea of doing “nothing” is too foreign.

Cannabis pairing suggestions: Any of the strains suggested for coloring would also be great for organizing. If you find you frequently over-do your dose when smoking flower, we might suggest getting yourself set up with a cartridge and a battery instead. With cartridges, some people find it a little easier to slowly dial in their perfect “still-productive” high.


Stretch or Do Some Yoga

Stretching not only feels great in the moment, but it also has amazing long term benefits. It improves digestion, flexibility, posture, and your relationship with your body to name just a few. You can make up your own routine, or find some resources online to help guide you. A couple of our favorites are: Yoga with Adriene and Body Positive Yoga.

Cannabis pairing suggestions: Try pairing this with a Fairwinds tincture. They come in a few different potencies and formulas ( CBD 5:1, CBD 1:1, Deep Sleep, Digestify, Lifestyle, and Relief 250) all of which easily dissolve into water and other beverages. You can even use the tincture undiluted by putting in your mouth directly under your tongue.