A Stoner’s Guide to Quarantine

Is it day 143 or day 300 of quarantine? Time is hard to grasp and seems to be going incredibly fast yet painfully slow. To make your days more meaningful, we’ve put together some creative, educational, and relaxing activities and suggestions to sooth your frayed nerves. Many of these activities can be enhanced by incorporating cannabis of your choosing. Take a hit and try something on the list below!

  • Nature walk + plant mandala activity. Next time you’re walking in the woods, pick up some plant detritus and make some art!


  • Make art out of junk mail. Turn the beginnings of your junk mail hoard into a whole lot of fun!

Picture: Popup Magazine


  • Check out the murals across Seattle. We made a virtual tour of Ballard’s Quarantine Murals! You don’t even have to leave your couch!



  • Join a comedy live stream! Seattle’s JokeTellers Union hosts a comedy show just about every week – check out the upcoming shows here.


  • Bake! Infuse butter for pot brownies or banana bread. The possibilities are endless!


  • Ride virtual rides at Disney World or Universal Studio! We really had a trip riding the E.T. Adventure and Jaws.


  • Play games with friends on Quiplash is a good one to get you laughing!


  • Educate yourself and keep learning – Powell’s has some excellent lists and book recommendations.

Picture: PA/Amazon/Netflix


  • Armchair travel! Go on a 10 hour boat ride with SlowTV! Be sure to pack your bags and your bowls before you go!