10 Fun Things To Do While High in Seattle (Winter Edition)

You’ve made it through Seattle’s bright and wonderful summer and now you’re here in the overcast nightmare (or paradise depending on what kind of monster you are) that is Seattle winter. You know what it’s like, the relentless drizzle, overcast grey clouds, gusts of cold wind. Sometimes the sun graces us with its presence. Often times between getting to work and getting off work, we never see it. So what do you do besides scarf down vitamin d and wake n’ bake in front of your sad lamp? Taking care of yourself during these winter months is important and we’ve got some great ideas to take your winter high to the next level!

1. The Indoor Sun Shoppe

This place is a breath of fresh air and not just because of the excess oxygen from all the lovely plants you’ll be surrounded by. The Indoor Sun Shoppe has been around since 1970 and is celebrating their 50th anniversary! It’s hard to be blue with so much greenery surrounding you! Plus plants are so in right now.

2. Living Computer Museum

Bliss out to the hum of a mainframe computer, try out the self-driving car simulator or spend the afternoon playing Oregon Trail on a vintage Mac. At the Living Computer Museum, you won’t know if it’s raining outside or if you time-traveled back to the 80s and 90s with the spot-on interactive room displays.

3. Add-A-Ball

There’s nothing better than getting high and playing video games. So why not take yourself to one of the only arcade bars in Seattle? Add-A-Ball has old classics, pinball and vintage games you’ve probably never seen before. Not to mention they host a stand-up comedy night every Friday at 7 pm!

4. Flatstick Pub

Putt-putt is great here all year round thanks to their indoor mini-golf course and the trippy murals by Seattle artist Henry Ryan Ward. If you’re not already tripping at Flatstick Pub, these murals will do the trick!

5. Sacred Rain Healing Center

Image result for spa

This place is so much more than a spa! Scared Rain Healing Center is all genders and clothing optional! There’s nothing better than a hot bath and making a connection with another human being. Which is exactly what you’ll do. If you’re not into communal tubs, you can relax with yoga or a massage.

6. Burlesque Shows

If you’ve been too bundled up this winter and have forgotten what a human body looks like, check out the steamy Seattle burlesque scene! Seattle has one of the largest burlesque communities in the country and is home to many world renowned troupes and dancers. With shows nearly every night, and shimmies and grinds from the stage are sure to warm you up in no time! We recommend checking out local troupe The VAMPs (pictured above).  Curious to see if you have what it takes? Check out Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque and take a class in anything from chair dancing to tassel twirling.

7. Daybreak Records

daybreak records, dockside cannabis

It might be raining in your heart but not your mind with some groovy tunes from Daybreak Records. Getting stoned and listening to your favorite music can be one of the best things to combat the weary Seattle winter weather.  Take a (day)break and find some new used jams at this staple of Seattle’s used record stores!

8. Take a Class

Maybe getting high for class isn’t the best idea but if you suffer from stage fright, some CBD edibles might provide some relief! The Rekindle School offers many exciting classes that you never knew you needed. Some classes include voice acting and stand up. Why not find a healthy way to channel that seasonal depression!

9. Get a Tattoo

man doing tattoo on person's arm

I mean if you don’t have one yet, now is a good time as any right? Cover up your vitamin d deficient skin with a cool new tattoo at Slave to the Needle! Voted “Best Tattoo & Piercing Studio” by the Seattle Weekly readers poll for 10 consecutive years! CBD strains such as Pennywise from LuvIt Farms is sure to help with the sting.

10. Visit Dockside

We have four locations to serve you! Our SODO location even has a cannabis museum! We could talk about how great Dockside is all day but you already know that! Come see us and we’ll help you find your perfect winter season strain. Check out more fun articles on our Blog!