10 Fun Things To Do While High in Seattle

Seattleites rejoice! It’s summertime which means we made it through another winter! It’s time to reap the rewards with 12+ hours of sunlight a day, outdoor bar patios, and the potential for wildfire smoke to come along and ruin it all. One thing that won’t ruin your summer fun is lighting up with Dockside Cannabis and enjoying all the beauty and joy that Seattle has to offer. After purchasing and consuming your cannabis (be mindful that smoking in public or operating a motor vehicle under the influence is legally prohibited in the state of Washington), consider the following activities:

10. Olympic Sculpture Park

You may have explored the Olympic Sculpture Park before, but you owe it to yourself to try it stoned. There’s a giant head by Juame Plensa that changes appearances even when you’re not high, so brace yourself (and maybe stick to a nice CBD like Lazy Bee’s Remedy CBD ). Or you can find a bench and gaze across the sound at the snow-capped peaks of the Olympics. 

9. Seattle Underground Tour

brown skull Halloween decor

Do you believe in ghosts? Seattle’s Underground Tours will make you a believer, or at the very least have you questioning whether that shadow you saw in your peripheral vision was just the result of eating a whole bag of Pioneer Squares edibles (they’re that good). Take a stroll under the streets of Pioneer Square and learn about our city’s unique history from a subterranean perspective. 

8. Kayak on Lake Union

When the sun is out and you realize for the first time in 8 months that you’re sweating, there’s nothing like the cool salty breeze kayaking on Lake Union. Gather a few buds and paddle to your heart’s content. Need a break? Check out Agua Verde Cafe during Paddle Club Happy Hour!  

7. Pike Place Market 

public market center neon light near white painted building

If you love labyrinths why not head over to Pike Place Market, where you can find a plethora of shops to explore and get lost in. On the lower-level there’s the wonderful Market Magic Shop, as well as Pipe Palace, Seattle’s oldest head shop established in 1969! And let’s not forget about the ever growing gum wall. Don’t worry, it’s just as gross when you’re stoned. 

6. Play on the Hill Doggie Daycare 

short-coated black and tan dog

Are you a dog person? Then stop by Play on the Hill doggie daycare/retail shop near 11th and Pine. If you’re feeling inspired, you can even bring some paper and supplies and draw some cute pooches while they frolic below!

5. Pedicab ride through downtown

man driving pedal rickshaw on road

We already know that driving high is a no no. Instead, why not make the experience of getting from point A to B fun? Seattle pedicabs can be an adventure in itself. 

4. Seattle Zoo

brown rhinocerus

Sure, petting zoos are fun when you’re high, but have you ever fed a rhino? The Woodland Park Zoo offers select times to feed their two rhinos, Glen and Taj (from 1:30-2:30 pm, excluding Wednesdays). There’s also nothing like spending 2 hours playing I Spy in the Reptile House.

3. Dockside Cannabis Museum

Dockside’s own SODO location is packed full of products to get you through your summer, and is home to our very own Dockside Museum. This small but informative exhibit features prohibition era cannabis jars and exotic paraphernalia. You’ll be amazed at how far cannabis has come. Walk in, weed up and learn something new!

2. Hike in Seattle

two person walking towards mountain covered with snow

If you’re more active, why not pack your Patagonia bag and head out on one of the many scenic trails in and around Seattle. Popular options include Rattlesnake Ridge and Poo Poo Point, but with thousands of trails to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. You certainly don’t need to be high to enjoy the abundance of natural beauty around us, but many will attest that the experience can be enhanced with cannabis. If transportation is an issue, check out Seward Park, where you can find the largest and oldest old growth forest in the Seattle. 

1. Movies in the Park. 

group of people gathering on field

Getting high on your roommate’s multicolored sarape is all well and good, but why not consider an outdoor movie? There’s really nothing better than sitting on some green, enjoying some green and a good flick! There’s a free movie in parks across Seattle practically every week in the Summer. See if there are any near you here