11 Cool Things About Seattle’s Shoreline Neighborhood

Shoreline isn’t just a neighborhood north of Seattle, it’s actually its own growing city! While Shoreline might often be overlooked and mistaken for another part of Seattle due to it bordering the city’s northern limits, it continues to retain its own charms and is home to many unique and fun things to do! Here’s our list of unique spots and stories that you won’t find anywhere else in Seattle! 

  • Highland Ice Arena:
    This ice arena has been family owned and operated since 1962 and is open all year round to the public. Figure skating, hockey leagues, birthday parties and private rentals are open to all ages and skill levels! And just an FYI, they have excellent hot cocoa!


  • Chug’s Root Beer:
    Do you love rootbeer or that rare specialty soda that you thought didn’t exist anymore? Then a trip to Chug’s is in your future. This rootbeer-centric establishment has been running since 2017, technically located in Lynnwood, it’s not a far drive from Shoreline and it’s totally worth it!


  • Darrell’s Tavern 
    Darrell’s isn’t just a dive bar. It’s THE dive bar and as the bar advertises, “it’s the bar where your dad used to drink”. Stepping into Darrell’s is like stepping into a time machine with retro decorations and prices that can’t be beat. Make sure you stop by when there’s live music and tacos!


  • Black Coffee Northwest:
    Black Coffee Northwest offers excellent roasts while boasting an amazing mission. This Black family owned business features programs like a Black marketplace – promoting Black-owned products, youth barista training opportunities and after-school study hours. Our favorite coffee shop has been the target of racists attacks in 2021. Not cool Seattle. Support Black owned businesses and support Black Coffee Northwest today!   


  • HIVE Virtual Reality Lounge:
    Reality as of late has been rough so why not create your own reality with HIVE virtual reality lounge? Play with your friends and family or go it alone, from exciting survival games to chill nostalgic Christmas adventures. There’s something for everyone!


  • Edmonds Theater
    This historic theater was built in the early 1900s. It stayed relatively untouched until the 1980’s when it was purchased and renovated by a new owner. It’s still debated if this historical theater is haunted (it probably is). Witnesses say that a shadowy figure surrounded by a bright aura can be seen walking down the aisles.


  • Washelli Cemetery
    One of Seattle’s oldest and biggest cemeteries! It wasn’t always located in Shoreline though. City founders David and Louisa Denny, gave birth to twins. Sadly one died as an infant. They buried their child in Seattle, but the city’s growth forced them to move the remains, ultimately to the land they owned north of the city – what is today known as Washelli on Aurora. Many others joined the family in burying their loved ones in Washelli. Today, it is a privately run cemetery and is roughly the size of an 18 hole golf course, home to 160,000 remains both cremated and buried.


  • The Carnegie Building – Old Snohomish Library Built in 1910, it’s no wonder the Snohomish library has had its fair share of ghost sightings. One ghost in particular has made a few appearances. Her name was Catherine McMurchy and she was one of the building’s librarians. Catherine passed in 1956 and reportedly, her spirit visits the building to rearrange supplies and peek through windows. Many believe Catherine haunted the library because she was buried without a tombstone. In 2002, thanks to residents, library patrons, and the Evergreen Washelli Cemetery, Catherine now has a gravestone that says “Cherished Snohomish Librarian”. 


  • Ginger’s Pet Rescue: Looking for a furry friend to share your life with? Naturally, adventures are much more fun with a friend! Ginger’s Pet Rescue has pups up for adoption and if you can’t adopt, no sweat, you can always foster or volunteer! Make a difference in a pup’s life today!


  • Food Trucks at Ridgecrest Pub: Ridgecrest Pub has a great wine and beer selection but that’s not all! Enjoy the different food truck options each night of the week! Across the street is the Crest movie theater, which is a gem of a divey second-run theater. Their popcorn is delicious and they serve beer and wine.


  •  Dockside Cannabis Shoreline: Dockside Cannabis is a woman and minority-owned company, rooted in the belief that cannabis promotes wellness. In 2011, Dockside first opened its doors as a medical dispensary, Dockside Co-op, in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Today, Dockside Cannabis encompasses four award-winning retail stores in the greater Seattle area that offer the highest quality service and selection to both medical and recreational cannabis shoppers. We look forward to serving you and our community!



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  4. – Photo Cred – Megan Farmer