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Best Weed for Sex

So you’re thinking about experimenting with weed in the bedroom? You may have heard stories of people who used infused lube and had “a million orgasms,” and other stories of folks who hit the bong so hard they felt too lethargic to even think about boning. For many, finding the right dose and consumption method for cannabis in the bedroom can aid in boosting feelings of intimacy, sensitivity, and overall fun and enjoyment. You’ve landed at a great place to get some product recommendations and things to consider when mixing cannabis and sex.

Seagoat Chocolates (10mg per piece)

Already considered to be an aphrodisiac, cannabis-infused chocolate is easy to share and enjoy. It can be eaten as is, melted into warm milk or gently warmed for dipping and drizzling. Everybody’s tolerance is pretty different so we’d recommend getting an idea of what the best dose might feel like ahead of time. Edibles tend to have longer-lasting highs that are felt through the whole body and can really amplify that post-sex euphoria.

Moxey Mints (available in a variety of potencies and CBD:THC ratios)

Available in several flavors to sweeten your kisses! With multiple varieties that contain different ratios of CBD and THC, along with support herbs that stimulate circulation and promote relaxation, there is a Moxey Mint for every kind of lover.  The low per-piece dosage means these mints are a safe edible for most. The CBD varieties may be useful for those who experience pain during sex or who find they often feel too tense and stressed to get in the mood. Pop one in about an hour before you plan on getting busy if you want to experience the effects during sex, or right before if you’d prefer them to kick in a little later.

Velvet Swing Sensual Lubricant (100mg THC & 30mg CBD per 3.5 fl oz tube)

Topical cannabis increases blood flow which enhances sensitivity and sexual response! Velvet Swing is the first water-based cannabis-infused topical for sex. It is compatible with all protective barriers, such as condoms, and specially formulated to be PH balanced for the vaginal biome with terpenes that aid in absorption. It’s made from high-quality food-grade ingredients that are free from glycol, parabens, and glycerine. Velvet Swing won’t get you high if applied to the genitals, but if used orally or anally it can. You choose how you want to play!

Blunts from Blunt Royale (available as 1g infused, 2g & 4g un-infused)

Sharing a blunt is a romantic thing; the smoke is thick, they burn slowly so you don’t need to rush, and they can be easily extinguished and re-lit if you find there’s something better to do halfway thru…. like get busy. Since the effects of smoking cannabis are felt almost immediately, it’s fairly easy to stop once you’ve gotten to a floaty sexy high.

Mango Haze from Artizen or Humboldt Royal Kush from LuvIt Farms  (both are available in flower and joints)

If you are just looking for a solid strain to pack into your pipe, try Mango Haze from Artizen. It gently relaxes the body while uplifting the spirits. Mango Haze will help you get lifted, but not blasted. It’s hard to be a sex tiger when you just want to eat Fritos and nap. It boasts a beautiful tropical terpene profile with flashes of pineapple and mango.

If tropical notes aren’t really your jam, Humboldt Royal Kush (HRK) has something else to offer. It’s amazing terp-profile screams kush to the max with sour pine notes with rich earthy undertones. At Dockside it’s remained a customer favorite for years because it is perfect for whenever. It is balanced, heightening the senses while still being relaxing.

Puffin Extra Virgin Flower Oil (EVFO) Carts (.5g or 1g)

If you prefer to vape over smoke, these carts are great! Carts are more self-contained than most methods involving combustion making it easy to maintain your high without having to worry about lighters or dropping embers on your bare skin. The effects come on pretty quickly and easily with the push of a button. Puffin’s EVFO carts are available in high THC or high CBD options so you can experiment and figure out which strain puts a little tingle in your senses.

Hash (available in a variety of formats *including joints*, potencies, and price points)

Hash tends to produce a more mellow clear-headed cerebral high while feeling quite strong in the body. It creates that kind of dreamy, magic carpet ride vibe. It can be consumed in a variety of ways: added to a joint or bowl, smoked on its own using a screen, or added to recipes to create edibles. Plus there’s something just so sensual about breaking into a temple ball or scooping some beautiful bubble hash onto a bowl.

Curious to learn more about the products mentioned above? Watch our video with Chelsea Cebara from Velvet Swing!

The next time you find yourself feeling frisky, add some green to the mix! Sex and cannabis are wonderful on their own and make for a even more memorable experience when combined! We hope you enjoy experimenting with some of the above products. Happy endings for all!