Elevate Valentine’s Day with These Crafty Cannabis Ideas

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t make the best out of Valentine’s Day this year. Whether you’re alone or partnered up, we have some fun ideas to share the love and your weed!

1. Making your own bouquet of weed roses has never been easier. All you need are some basic crafting supplies and some weed and our blog How to Make Your Own Weed Bouquet!

2. Rolling a joint with rose petals is trending right now so grab a rose (you’ll only need three petals) and follow these simple steps on our blog: How to Roll a Joint with Rose Petals!

3. Indulge in some infused chocolate and watch our video which focuses on sex and cannabis by yourself or with a partner. We have some great cannabis pairings in our video featuring Chelsea Cebara, the cofounder of Velvet Swing. Watch Sex & Cannabis!

4. Tell your best bud how much you appreciate them with a cannabis-inspired valentine! We did the hard work for you. Just click the links below and print! Maybe you want to go the extra mile and make a card with a built-in joint holder? It’s easy to do, follow along with our blog How to Make a Joint Holder Valentine¬†

Can’t Wait to THC You
Weed Be Great Together


5. Give yourself a hand massage with Fairwinds Flow Cream! It’s super simple, only takes a few minutes, and honestly should be part of everyone’s routine because self-love should be a year-round commitment. Check out our post How to Give Yourself a Hand Massage for all the tips!

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