2021 Dockside Cup

The 2022 Dockside Cup is complete. Check out the competition site to see this year’s bracket results!

Inspired by March Madness, The Dockside Cup is a five week long, bracket-style competition that takes place annually during March at Dockside Cannabis. Our top flower vendors enter their most prized, terpene-rich, beautiful, and smooth-hitting flower for our customers to smoke and vote on their favorite. Keep an eye out for promos on competing strains throughout March.


And in case you’re curious, here’s a wrap up of the matches and results from 2021…

Match 1:

The Jack (Jack Herer x XJ13)
Exhibiting complex, citrusy and spicy notes— The Jack is one of Cascadia Gardens’ most popular flowers! It is robust and boasts beautifully structured nugs covered in trichomes. The high is motivating, creativity-inspiring and focus-giving. Even though it is a sativa-leaning hybrid, it is one that many indica-dominant smokers fall in love with too!


MAC (Alien Cookies x Colombian x Starfighter)
Mac stands for Miracle Alien Cookies and is a 50/50 Hybrid with slight indica-dominant feels. MAC is a pungent, funky yet sweet strain that fills your lungs up with a nice fruity, gas taste. The high is relaxing yet focused and uplifting. MAC is one of Saints prettiest plants because of its unique bud structure which is covered from top to bottom in huge trichomes visible to the bare eye. It’s both a company and customer favorite!


Match 2:

Purple Jellato (Gelato 33 x Purple Vapor)
Purple Jellato’s terpene profile is predominantly delta-Limonene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene lending to its super loud menthol-gelato aroma. This strain’s dense, sticky, trichome-covered buds offer a smooth, tasty, and memorable smoke that is strongly relaxing and euphoric.


Busta Lhymes (Girl Scout Cookies x Zkittlez)
Brand new from House of Cultivar— Busta Lhymes has beautiful dark purple and lime green buds, coated to the tips of its leaves with beautiful fully formed trichomes. The aroma consists heavily of zested lime intertwined with a nutty, petrol and sweet dough. Bred in-house and selected amongst a large pool of phenotypes, they vetted this cultivar to sit amongst the very best of the best in their top-shelf Grand Cru line.

Match 3:

Rainshadow Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato 41)
A new and very exciting strain from Canna Organix! Rainshadow Runtz has an unusual flavor profile with notes of funk, cookie, and sweet berries with undertones of sour lemon. This strain offers a robust and pronounced high sure to uplift your mood and encourage giggly conversations. Most people experience functional effects followed by a deep relaxation that puts you to bed like a baby at the end of an evening.


Middlefork (Dutch Treat x Blueberry)
As the name would imply, Middlefork has a strong blueberry, earthy, and sweet smell. The smoke is heavy, rich, and smooth; with berry, pine and light funk notes. Common effects include mild euphoria, with a heavy, down in the body, relaxed feel. The flowers are bushy and robust with deep evergreen frosted buds and dark orange hairs. According to the oral history, Middlefork was originally found and cultivated near the Middle Fork area of the Nooksack River in Bellingham— a truly unique strain that speaks to Washington’s long Cannabis heritage.

Match 4:

Lifted OG (501st OG x Cookies & Cream)
Bred in-house from highly sought-after genetics, Lifted OG was quick to become their company-wide favorite. Lifted OG shares traits of the dense, gas-packed 501st OG and the trichome-covered Cookies & Cream. Rare genetics combined with Lifted’s expert cultivation experience make this strain incredibly unique, grown only by Lifted Cannabis. Expect a powerful high, dense bud, and a smooth creamy taste.

Apple Tartz (Runtz x Apple Fritter)
This highly sought-after strain smells dominantly of Apple Fritter and tastes like a sweet dessert with a funky gassed-up finish. The high can leave you feeling perfectly balanced in the mind and body with a nice buzz— the perfect daytime smoke. Try it and let it speak for itself!

Match 5 / The Final Four
After four weeks of head-to-head matches, the winners from each week competed in the Final Four: The Jack from Cascadia Gardens, Busta Lhymes House of Cultivar, Rainshadow Runtz from Canna Organix, and Apple Tartz from High Tide.
Busta Lhymes from House of Cultivar brought home the gold in 2021!