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How to Hot Knife Hash

Remember when paraphernalia wasn’t as easy to access and we had to improvise? Hot knifing is a great method to consume cannabis when you don’t have papers, or even a decent piece of fruit to smoke weed out of!  

You won’t need much for this technique:

  • 2 butter knives (that you don’t mind roughing up)
  • empty water bottle cut in half
  • small container to catch hash with
  • hash, weed, or wax
  • and of course a stove

First, you will need to ruin your Mom’s silverware by heating up 2 table knives until they are red hot.  This is traditionally done by resting the tips of the knives on the coil of an electric stove burner. 

While your knives are heating, get yourself something you can catch your tokes with: an empty water bottle cut in half, a toilet paper tube, or even a glass steamroller with the bowl covered up with masking tape.  When you are doing hot knives, this device is referred to as a hooter or a spottle.

Alright!  Ya got your hooter, ya got your red hot knives.  Now, all you need is a bit of weed, wax, hash, or whatever you wanna toke on.  Simply pop a little bit onto one of the knife blades, place the blade of the other knife on top, and gently “massage” the weed that is sandwiched between them.  Your goal is to catch the smoke coming off of the knives using your hooter.  This could be a 2-person process, which is fine because smoking weed with your friends is fun! 

But, maybe you got some killer hash you don’t want to share.  Maybe you’re introverted.  Maybe you’re stranded on a desert island with only a few provisions, like weed, an electric stove and 2 knives. It’s ok!  You can take solo blade hits as well!  Get a long piece of cord (about the length of your arm) and tie it around the neck of your spottle leaving the ends long.  Then, tie that hooter to yer dome. Be your own hero. 

It should be noted that according to Wikipedia, steel that is red hot typically clocks in at about 900 degrees F.  Your average low temp dab or vape hit is generally gonna land somewhere from 315-450 degrees F for max flavor. So, while it may be a more novel way to toke, it may not be the most comfortable. That being said, it could be argued that this is one of the first ways we vaporized weed and dabbed concentrates, like hash.

Want to branch out? If hot knifing isn’t your favorite way to consume why not try a cold dab?