Social Equity & Cannabis

Thank you for sharing our concern about racial equity in the cannabis space. These issues are important to us, so we are rebuilding our website in order to add a Social Equity section, to highlight our past and present work, and the work that remains to be done.

Dockside was founded, and continues to be cultivated, by people not traditionally represented in business ownership. We are a LatinX and woman-owned business, and not all cannabis businesses are created equal. Since COVID-19 hit in March, Dockside has been investing in our employees, through additional hourly pay, and in the safety of our store environment. 

Dockside, originally a medical co-op, was built on the tenets of inclusivity and safe access. We are profoundly aware of the important role we are able to play as change-makers providing a safe space for all consumers and employees, and our wider responsibility to ensure a more socially just future for all. We continue to work as advocates for better legislation to right the wrongs of 100 years of prohibition.

You can read more about our involvement in the advancement of social equity in the cannabis space, and other efforts, as well as some resources, on our website here. We look forward to growing the conversation together.