Varietal Brewing x Dockside Cannabis Introduce “Nug Jug”

What is “Nug Jug”? 

Dockside Cannabis teamed up with Varietal Brewing to create an exciting beer that celebrates the aroma of cannabis without actually containing any THC. This new beer is called “Nug Jug” and contains hops that have the same terpene profile, smell and taste as the well-known cannabis strain “Dutch Treat,” which boasts a hazy, eucalyptus aroma with fruity undertones.

Beer and Cannabis — how did this happen? 

Back in the late nineties, Oscar, one of Dockside’s founders, and Chris, from Varietal Brewing were working in the Giant Sequoia forest of the Sierra Nevada outside of Fresno CA. Oscar and Chris were tasked with the day-to-day administration of a summer camp program on a sun-dappled 80-acre lake. Throughout the next couple of years, they found themselves on various adventures together, exploring the coast and checking out all kinds of new places. A few years went by when these friends didn’t see each other, but as it goes with real friendships, time and space don’t really matter. Over the years, each of these friends developed an entrepreneurial streak, Chris was interested in starting a brewery, and Oscar had spent time developing a partnership with a couple of awesome people to open a medical cannabis dispensary in Seattle. Times and minds were changing;  Dockside Cannabis sprung to life when Washington became the first state to legalize adult use. 

Chris was over in Eastern, WA working on a business plan with his partners when Oscar offered to lend a hand as an advisor. Chris floated the idea of a weed-focused beer that contained no cannabis. Living and working in the heart of Yakima, the largest hop-growing region in the world, Chris spent a lot of time doing sensory analysis with the great diversity of varieties. Chris’s idea was that the nuances of a weed strain could be replicated in a beer using hops, and that the perfect partner in a project like this, would be the people who know and smell these strains regularly. 

So, on a sunny winter day in Sunnyside WA, members of the cast of Varietal Brewing and Dockside Cannabis joined forces and spent several hours smelling, describing, and discussing the aromatic qualities of both hops and cannabis. The teams landed on the strain they wanted to celebrate: Dutch Treat, due to its classic piney, resinous cannabis profile and punchy fruitiness. Playing with terpenes and thiols, the naturally aromatic organic compounds found in cannabis and hops respectively, they selected hop varieties known for their piney, citrus and tropical fruit characteristics mirroring the scent profile of Dutch Treat. After several trial batches, a hazy IPA was selected for the base, using a yeast hop strain that pushes fruit esters, and a malt base that would present dry but enough body to remain chewy. Nug Jug IPA is the result of 20+ years of friendship, cross-industry collaboration and good people working together. 

This brew is intended to be enjoyed while calling that friend that you haven’t heard from in a while. To friends near and far – Call them! Make some plans! Go have fun! Drink some beer and smoke some weed and get back to basics! Dockside and Varietal Brewing hope that this drink will appeal to both cannabis enthusiasts and beer lovers alike and that this collaboration is a testament to the growing acceptance of cannabis in mainstream culture.

Where can I get it? 

Celebrate 4/20 and the release of Nug Jug by grabbing a pint at Brouwer’s or a can at Add-a-Ball Arcade  in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Not in Seattle? Visit Bill’s Tavern in Yakima, WA for a Nug Jug celebration!

Nug Jug on tap in Seattle: 

Latona Pub – Fremont neighborhood

Broadview Tap House – Broadview neighborhood

Trailbend Taproom – Ballard neighborhood

Nug Jug in a can in Seattle:

Chuck’s Hop Shop –  Central District neighborhood

Full Throttle Bottles – Georgetown Neighborhood