What is Dad Weed and Why Low THC Options are Trending

*Disclaimer: While Dockside Cannabis has well-educated staff members and we are proud to employ several state-certified MCCs (medical cannabis consultants), we are not medical professionals. All suggestions are recommended based on anecdotal evidence only, and are not to be considered as prescriptive advice. Keep out of reach of children and store all cannabis products in a secure location.

What is Dad Weed? 

A new term has emerged in the cannabis space: “Dad Weed.” and while cannabis consumption is not gender specific, the name may suggest it’s exclusively for fathers. Wrong! The reality is that Dad Weed is for everyone! Dad Weed is any cannabis product with a low THC percentage with a more balanced ratio of THC to CBD or other minor cannabinoids. Cannabis cultivation techniques have advanced significantly over the years, resulting in the production of much stronger weed than was available in decades past. These cultivation techniques include selective breeding, indoor growing, and a better understanding of the plant’s biology all of which have resulted in a more potent plant. While stronger weed has become the norm, there is a demand for cannabis with lower THC content. Many individuals prefer milder cannabis options, often referred to as Dad Weed or Mom Weed. These products will typically have lower levels of THC and higher amounts of other cannabinoids, with therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects. 

Why Try Dad Weed? 

Have you ever consumed too much cannabis and endured a racing heart, unstoppable munchies or increased paranoia? Maybe you’re just looking to subtly enhance your mood without feeling foggy or unengaged. Cannabis products with balanced ratios of CBD and THC will generally allow for more mental clarity than high THC/low CBD strains. Most 1:1 or 2:1 ratios will reduce the psychoactive effects while still proving the relaxation many enjoy about cannabis products. 

If you are a dad, great — Dad Weed can help balance the demands of parenthood with self-care. With more balanced ratios of products available, everyone — non-parents included, can experience the benefits of cannabis. With its gentle high, ability to enhance well-being and focus, Dad Weed offers a pathway to balance your responsibilities while also prioritizing your health. As the stigma surrounding cannabis continues to fade, parents are embracing the therapeutic potential of low dose THC weed, finding solace and relaxation in this new era of Dad Weed.

Is Dad Weed a Good Fit for Me? 

If you want to experience Dad Weed for yourself, come in and talk to one of our knowledgeable Budtenders or read our recommendations below:

*Just a note, cannabis can be consumed in many different ways and the products we’re suggesting are not just limited to flower:

WildSide Beverages – An infused beverage that blends the sweetness of fruit with hydrating electrolytes and antioxidants to keep you powered up for the playground!  Available in 20:1 Blackberry Lemonade with 200mg CBD and 10mg THC for a gentle pick-me-up, or 1:1 Juicy Peach with 100mg each of THC and CBD to help relax after the kiddos go to sleep. ($14)




Fairwinds Flow Cream or Gel – The perfect topical to soothe the aches and pains of everyday living.  The Cream is suitable for sore muscles or general aches and pains, while the Gel is excellent for inflamed joints like elbows and knees! ($36)





Double Delicious 1:1 Distillate Cartridges – Being busy leaves you with little time to savor the smoking ritual.  These distillate cartridges are effective, super-convenient, and cost-effective.  Simply step outside, take a few rips for relief, and get back to your day! Available in 0.5g ($15) or 1g ($24).



Blunt Royale – hand-rolled in hemp wraps, these luscious blunts provide a cigar-like experience without the smell and health risks associated with tobacco. These’s blunts are potent but are great to share. If you want a deeper high, treat yourself when hanging out with your other dad friends, or celebrating family milestones with a group! Available in a variety of sizes and price points ($12 – $38).





Lifted’s Wedding Cake – If you don’t get much time to enjoy flower, you should make sure when you do, it’s the best around.  Lifted’s Wedding Cake is a perennial best seller for us due to its delicious flavor and versatile effect profile. toand  Available in various sizes and price points ($42-$336). 



Mr Moxey’s Relax Mints – With 5mg THC per mint this unique blend of cinnamon, hops flowers, and linden blossom provide a delectable solution for slwoing down and enjoying the moment




As a reminder, know your limits and be aware of your personal tolerance. If you are a caregiver, remember that your responsibilities should always take precedence, so avoid excessive consumption that may impair your ability to care for yourself and children. Stay informed: Keep up with the latest research, laws and regulations regarding cannabis use.

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