What is Mom Weed and Why We Need It

*Disclaimer: do not use cannabis while pregnant or nursing. While Dockside Cannabis has well-educated staff members and we are proud to employ several state-certified MMCs (medical marijuana consultants), we are not medical professionals. All suggestions are recommended based on anecdotal evidence only, and are not to be considered as prescriptive advice. Keep out of reach of children and store all cannabis products in a secure location.

The internet is telling us weed moms are the new wine moms. So what does it mean to identify as a weed mom or to consume mom weed? Is it a new strain? Not yet. Is it only for moms? Of course not! There are already a few books out there about ‘mom weed’ so let’s dive into this new phenomenon. 

As legalization expands across the United States, more moms are finding the information they need to safely balance cannabis consumption and parenting. Not a weed mom? Don’t worry, it can also be a way to describe your consumption habits, even if you don’t identify as a mom at all. 

Mom weed can be a whole catalogue of strains that assist productivity, relaxation, and anything to necessitate a more positive parenting experience. And you don’t have to be a mom to reap the benefits! Mom weed is versatile. It can be weed to help you get through your to-do list and it can be weed that helps you unwind. Check out some products that are mom-weed-approved.

Cannabis can be consumed in many different ways and the products we’re suggesting below are not just limited to flower!

Low key night in? The kids are asleep and it’s a good time for some self-care. Try out Hindu Kush by Puffin Farm. This heavy landrace strain will melt your woes away.


Weed to help you get through your everyday tasks? Try the strain Gilda from Raven Grass. Much like this strain’s namesake comedienne, this flower is sure to leave a smile on your face! Bolster your spirit and quiet your mind with this functional yet relaxing strain.

If Gilda is out of stock, check out Raven’s Smoke Blends, like Max Chill or Dancing Queen. Raven expertly blends their coveted CBD strains with their high THC classics to create a delicious pre-roll experience with a fine-tuned effect profile.


Ditch the wine and try Happy Apple Sparkling Cider. These non-alcoholic cannabis-infused ciders are made with Washington apples and are equally delicious whether you enjoy them hot or chilled. If you’re looking for a daytime option, try CBD Wild Sides in 20:1 Blackberry Lemonade and 1:1 Peach.


Trying to get some much-needed sleep? Try Beauty Sleep by Green Revolution or Deep Sleep by Fairwinds. If you prefer a pillow mint, Mr Moxey’s Dream Mints are flavored with real lavender and peppermint essential oils and infused with CBD, THC, and CBN to provide deep relaxation.




And let’s not forget about the weed dog moms out there! Fairwinds Companion Tincture is super versatile and the bacon flavor makes a great addition to any tomato-based drink. Companion tincture is also available in chicken flavor for the feline types! 



Maybe you know a cannabis-loving mom who’s too crunched on time to get out to a dispensary. Pick her up something special this Mother’s Day, with even more ideas below: 


Swifts 5 to 1 Cannabis Infused Honey | Dockside Cannabis

Try Swifts 5:1 Honey. Each packet of honey contains 10mg CBD and 2mg THC — a combo that can lift the spirits of those sensitive to cannabis without sending them into outer space. Picture her stirring Swift’s honey into a cup of hot tea as she imagines all her stress and tension dissolving along with it.



Wave Edibles Caramels | Dockside Cannabis

Pick up  CBD Caramels from Wave Edibles— hand-made by a mom-and-son team! The Classic Salted Caramels have a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, containing 10mg of each per piece. The Caramel Apple Caramels are available in a 7:1 ratio, which provides a whopping 70mg of CBD and 10mg of THC. It’s the perfect tiny dessert to help her relax and unwind before bed.



Fairwinds Warming and Cooling Sticks.  These potent and effective topical sticks are perfect for addressing everyday aches and pains on the go or giving yourself a hand or foot massage during downtime. The best part of these sticks? They actually smell great!  Both formulas are naturally scented with cocoa butter and essential oils and have zero “weed smell”.


Velvet Swing — If your partner is a mom, consider surprising her with cannabis-infused lube. It is made by moms who know that moms deserve fun, too! Made with pH-balancing, water-soluble ingredients, Velvet Swing won’t get her high, but it will stimulate blood flow, which we hear does some pretty magical things.




If her idea of luxury is a long hot bath, check out Honu’s Bath Bombs, which each contain 100mg of THC. If you need something a little stronger, we also carry Kares Bath Fizz, which in total contains about 400mg each of THC and CBD. Cannabis bath products produce a deeply relaxing body feeling with minimal psychoactivity because of the way the THC and CBD are absorbed. They’re the perfect way to take the edge off, without getting too high.


Kares Bath Fizz | Dockside Cannabis



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