What To Do If You’re Too High

Ooops, that weed was stronger than you thought and now you’re uncomfortably high. It happens. Almost all of us have a story about a time when we overdid it. While experienced cannabis users tend to be better at navigating those “too high” waters, it can be a seriously terrifying experience to others and we’re here to help.

Maybe you’re the type to over think and feel overwhelmed when you get too high, or perhaps your body sensations are doing their own thing, heart racing, palms sweaty. You may feel out of touch with reality and out of control. Or maybe you’re feeling ALL of these things and that’s totally normal. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t overdose on weed. 

Consume CBD

If you happen to have a CBD vape around, hit that. Or maybe it’s CBD edibles or a tincture? CBD is one of the best antidotes to consuming an overwhelming amount of THC. Consuming CBD can allow the positive effects of both molecules to work while limiting the negative ones. If you are nerdy like us and want to read a science heavy study on how that works later when you aren’t so stoned, check it out here:

But, not everyone is prepared with CBD so the next best remedy is time. So, while you wait it out, we’ve got some suggestions to keep you grounded while your too stoned brain and body might be going haywire. 

Breath Deeply

First, go to a space where you normally feel safe and comfortable, and then just breathe– in and out, and repeat. Breath deep enough to make your chest and belly rise on the inhale and your core engage on the exhale, pushing out any stale air at the bottom of your lungs. Again, repeat! Sometimes this is all it takes to ground yourself. 

Prevent Overstimulation

If you are feeling paranoid, sometimes it helps to zero in on just one of your senses. Close your eyes, put on some headphones and turn on some calming music or a meditation podcast. Perhaps find a podcast that focuses on panic attacks which can be beneficial in a situation like this if you’re feeling out of control. 

Take a Hot Shower

Try taking a hot shower while listening to relaxing beats (or something that makes you feel safe). It’s been proven that emotional attachment to music may reduce stress and lower our heart rate. Plus, the warm water from the shower will likely boost the effects, helping your body and mind unwind.

Spend Time With Your Pet

Still feeling antsy? Look around you. Do you see a furry friend nearby? If so, you’re in luck because you just found your spirit animal. If the said animal is friendly and likes interacting with people then go, give that cat, dog or bird a few good pets! They’ll look at you without any judgement in their eyes. We promise, it helps. Again, make sure the animal is friendly as an unfriendly animal could worsen your high and potentially hurt you.

Clean or Organize Something

Look around you again. Does that toaster oven look extra crusty? Now is as good a time as any to get that dirty appliance sparkling clean! Feeling way too high is sometimes great for getting household chores done, especially repetitive ones like cleaning your stove or countertop. Grab that magic eraser and get to it! You’ll thank yourself tomorrow. 

Smell Peppercorns…Maybe?

The next suggestion is an old stoner’s wive’s tale – smell some whole black peppercorns. Though we haven’t tested this fix directly, we believe in theory it could work because Beta-caryophyllene, a prominent terpene in black pepper, is known to reduce anxiety. 

Know That it Will Pass & You Will be Okay

Most importantly, whatever discomfort you feel right now will pass and we hope some of the above mentioned tips and tricks will help you find relief. 

*Disclaimer: while Dockside Cannabis has well-educated staff members and we are proud to employ several state-certified MMCs (medical marijuana consultants), we are not medical professionals. All suggestions are recommended based on anecdotal evidence only, and are not to be considered as prescriptive advice.