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Walden (Drop-in Meet & Greet) at Dockside SODO

December 6, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

In the owner’s words, here’s why you should love Walden:

At Walden, we dare to believe in a world where business can be a force for good, rather than greed. We prioritize long term sustainability over short term profits, and choose to invest in ecologically responsible agricultural initiatives, such as:

Bat Boxes Not only are bats cute, but they can eat hundreds of insects in a single hour, making them a fantastic organic pest-control method.

Kestrel Habitat These mini-hawks eat insects, voles, and mice, which can do major damage to cannabis plants. We never use chemical rodenticides, and we’ll never have to with these little dudes hanging around.

Crop Rotation Rotating crops improves soil stability, reduces the need for pesticides, and naturally replenishes nutrients in the soil. This lessens carbon emissions by curtailing the need to truck in large amounts of soil and amendments.

Cover Cropping Cannabis plants draw nutrients from the soil which need to be replenished. While conventional farming relies on synthetic and chemical fertilizers to return nutrients, we instead turn to crops that can fix and scavenge nutrients from the atmosphere and deep within the soil, which increases biodiversity and soil fertility.

Insectary Beds We’ve dedicated five to six thousand square feet of our garden to insectary beds, which attract beneficial insects that keep pests under control, naturally.

With the support of caring cannabis consumers, we believe that we can make a difference and usher in a new wave of conscientious capitalism. Because for us at Walden, a love of our planet demands that we participate in the fight to save it.

Come meet the crew and save 20% on all Walden and Sunshine Co-op products at Dockside SODO when you shop during the event!


December 6, 2019
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Dockside SODO
1728 4th Ave S
Seattle, 98134 United States
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