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Dockside Cannabis Fresh Sheet

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Brand Spotlight

Mt. Baker Gardens and Doctor & Crook

From the same farm, we’re excited to announce the arrival of two flower brands at Dockside: Mt. Baker Gardens and Doctor & Crook. Known for transparency, value, and consistency, MBG is the recipient of several Dope Cup and High Times awards. They attribute their consistent product quality to having great employee retention and a head grower with over 25 years of experience.

MBG weed is sustainably grown in a sterile environment with pharmaceutical-grade nutrients that boost plant growth and maximize cannabinoid and terpene production. Their pesticide-free pest management system includes bio-insecticides, bio-fungicides, and predatory insects. Once harvested, their flower is hang-cured in a climate-controlled room with perfect airflow for 4-6 weeks until the buds are carefully hand-sorted; the top-shelf buds are packaged as Mt. Baker Gardens and mid-shelf buds as Doctor & Crook. Any material that falls short of their specific quality standards is wholesaled to other processors.


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