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Dockside Cannabis Fresh Sheet

New Vendor Spotlight

Northwest Concentrates

Refine’s award-winning hash oil and cartridges are specifically designed for people who love cannabis and want a premium, flavor-first experience every time. Refine extracts capture the truest essence of award-winning strains by partnering with the region’s best growers and processing quality cannabis with techniques perfected over decades of hash making.

Try: Blue Dream, Blueberry, Dutch Treat $36

Refine Loud Resin™

Refine’s flagship product, Loud Resin™, starts with only the finest and most meticulously handled cannabis grown from award-winning genetics by the best growers in Washington. Loud Resin™ is extracted with the goal of encapsulating the exact essence of the flower. The aroma, appearance, consistency, effect, and most importantly the flavor must meet the highest quality standards to make it under Refine’s signature blue lid.

Try: White Walker, Tina Danza, Sunset Sherbert $54 Loud Resin is available at our Shoreline, Ballard, and 85th & Aurora locations only!

New Arrivals

Journeyman: Sour Fruit Jellies

Green Apple, Watermelon, or Raspberry

10mg/ea x 10-pack $24 (Raspberry only available at Shoreline, Ballard, and SODO locations)

Fairwinds: High CBD Flow- Roll-on

Regular or Extra-strength $30

(Extra-strength only available at Shoreline, Ballard, & SODO locations.)

Craft Elixirs: Sour Cherry Fruit Gems

10mg single $6 | 10-pk $30

(10-packs only available at Shoreline, Ballard, & SODO locations.)

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