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Dockside Cannabis Fresh Sheet

Please note: Fresh Sheet specials apply only to the select size and/or strain listed. Availability varies by location and is specified after each item listed below.




Dockside Vape Battery

with the purchase of any cartridge! $12 $6

All locations.



Olala Soda & Sparkling Water

All available sizes & flavors!

10mg THC $5 $4 | 50mg THC $12 $9.60

100mg THC $24 $19.20

150mg THC + 150mg CBD $33 $26.40

All locations. (availability may vary slightly by location)



Doc & Yeti 

Flower (all available strains & sizes)

1g $12 $9.60 | 3.5g $36 $28.80 | 7g $60 $48 | 28g $225 $180

85th & Aurora  only.

Price Drops

The Goodship

Snickerdoodle Cookies

10mg single $7 $6 | 6-pack $36 $30

Available in Shoreline, Ballard, and SODO only.

New Arrivals

Kiona Flower

Sample some of the first strains to be harvested from Kiona’s 2019 crop!

Lemon Cheesecake Thai: uplifting & psychedelic

Grimmdica: heavy & hashy

Monolith: joyful & body-melting

Vendor Spotlight

Puffin Farm | Ellensburg & Seattle, WA

  • Terpene-rich multi-award-winning concentrates and flowers

Their products have significant concentrations of THC and CBD as well as rare cannabinoids such as CBG, THCV, and CBC.

  • Clean Green Certified

They use international standards for sustainable and organic practices. They are a carbon-conscious business that uses 90% less electricity than most indoor grows. Products are free of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

  • Flower is sun-grown in a biodiversive environment

Companion plants, living microbial rich soil, earthworms, natural pest predators, and natural stressors increase the plant’s vigor, natural resistance and terpene concentrations.