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Dockside Cannabis Fresh Sheet


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Lifted Sugar Crystal

All available strains! Buy 3, get $15 off!

(the price of three 1g units) $90 $75

All locations. While supplies last.



Benton Bud Co.

Gorilla Glue #4 Flower

$4 off eighths (3.5g) $24 $20
$7 off quarters (7g) $45 $38
$29 off halves (14g) $87 $58
$56 off ounces (28g) $168 $112

All locations. Ounces are out of stock at our Green Lake location but all other sizes remain.



Benton Bud Co.

Lemon Cheesecake Thai Flower 28g $168 $110

This sale is valid at the Ballard location only.


Lucky Lou’s Flower & Prerolls

Preroll 1g $11  |  Flower 3.5g $47

With its carefully selected strain catalog featuring unique phenotypes and WA-bred classics from the breeder, Exotic Genetix, Lucky Lou’s offers high-quality flower and prerolls that will blow your mind. Loud, defined aromatic profiles coupled with potent effects ensure a terrific toking experience. Lucky Lou’s has your back when it comes to the best buds around.

Treehaus Vape Carts by Heylo

Vape Cartridge 1g $45

With Treehaus, Heylo flipped the script to create a unique cannabis oil that is high in both cannabinoids and terpenes, while retaining more of the plant. They start with clean cannabis to make full-spectrum CO2 oil which is then combined with high-cannabinoid distillate and delicious 100% cannabis-derived terpene profiles. Treehaus is ideal for those looking for a fun experience without sacrifice. Come hang in the trees where we rule with fewer rules!

All locations.