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Dockside Cannabis Fresh Sheet

For the safety of all during this time, please remember to wear a face covering when you visit.

All specials are valid during Fresh Sheet dates or while supplies last.




Mount Baker Gardens Flower

All strains and sizes (while supplies last).

3.5g $40 $32 | 7g $80 $64 | 28g $287 $229.60

All locations.



Green Baker 1:1 10-packs

  • Greatest Hits Cookie Pack (Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chip & Triple Chocolate)
  • Caramel Brownies
  • Toffee Coffee Cake

10mg THC & 10mg CBD per cookie x 10-pack $48 $38.40

All locations.


K Savage’s Angela

Every once in a blue moon a truly spectacular strain of cannabis hits your stash and becomes something you crave on the regular. Angela is one of those strains. This cross between Tangie x Triangle Kush boasts both zesty aromatics reminiscent of popular strains, Forbidden Fruit and Mimosa, with an uplifting yet unmistakeable stoney effect profile.

Flower: 3.5g $45 |  7g $90 |  28g $360 Pre-rolls: .75g $9

Available at all locations but quantities are limited and package sizes may vary by store. Please check our online menu for current inventory!

Soulshine Cannabis

Soil-grown in microclimate controlled rooms with careful attention to detail from some of WA’s most passionate gardeners, Soulshine’s cannabis hits the sweet spot between affordability and quality. They focus on providing a consistent classic strain selection so you can always find your favorite again and again. Enjoy peace of mind when choosing Soulshine. With love for their people, animals, and their environment, Soulshine is committed to workplace harmony, regular donations to Emerald City Pet Rescue, and entirely biodegradable packaging!

.5g prerolls x 2-pack $10 | 1g $12 | 3.5g $39 | 7g $75

All locations.

Fairwinds Companion Tincture – Now available in a larger size and new flavor!

For the pickiest of pups, try Fairwinds Companion Tincture in roasted chicken flavor and save about 20 cents per serving with the new larger format. It’s also a delicious addition to savory baked goods and soups. Bring on the fall!

Flavors: Bacon or Roasted Chicken

regular size (100mg CBD + 20mg THC per bottle) $28

large size (200mg CBD + 40mg THC) $45