10 Cool Things About Seattle’s SODO Neighborhood

We love our SODO (South of the Dome or South of Downtown – you decide) neighborhood! Maybe you’ve been here for a Seahawks or Mariners game? While this mostly industrial neighborhood isn’t home to many residents, there are still a considerable amount of things to do and see! Some of our favorites are:

  • Lady Rainier Statue at Old Rainier Brewery
    A bit of history surrounds the statue Lady Rainier and the Rainier Brewery. Did you know the Rainier brewery initially opened in Georgetown at where Machine House Brewery currently resides? Locals have petitioned to bring Lady Rainier back to her original home, but for now, you can catch her at Old Rainier Brewery near I-5. See her at 3100 Airport Way S.


  • Jack Perry Memorial Park
    This is one of the only parks in SODO and it’s small, maybe the smallest park in all of Seattle, but what a view! Visit this park and see the container ships. Watching the Seattle Container Terminals is a thing! Ok, so this may sound kind of boring, but it’s actually really cool! Especially if you’ve popped an edible or two. Did you know the Port of Seattle has an important job and performs a critical function in U.S. international trade? A huge percentage of incoming cargo crossing Seattle’s docks will be bound for destinations in the Midwest and East Coast, and Seattle is a top export gateway! These container terminals cover more than 500 acres. Find a ship schedule that works for you and visit Jack Perry Park for a good view.


  • Sodo Murals
    There are so so SO many amazing murals in Seattle and SODO is home to some of the best! Discover public art in Seattle with this handy app! One of our favorites is on our Dockside SODO building featuring art by @insa_gram.


  • Orient Express Bar and Restaurant
    If you’re into haunted spots and ghost stories then the Orient Express will not disappoint! Lights exploding and cold spots have been observed by multiple people. And it’s no wonder, the Orient Express, originally called Andy’s Diner, was created by using seven (probably haunted) decommissioned railroad cars. Including a VIP car where Franklin Delano Roosevelt slept! While the railroad cars look out of place on the outside when you’re driving by, inside is a very different experience! Everything is covered in wood and dark, with small tables fit for a train car. It’s all from another era and you’ll find old photos lining the walls to give a sense of history and where these cars have been. It’s a bit of a maze inside and finding the bathroom might be an adventure. Maybe you’ll even run into a ghost. You never know at the Orient Express! Also, did we mention there’s a karaoke car that is happening on the weekend!


  • Pacific Galleries Antiques Mall 
    Pacific Galleries Antiques Mall is the Disneyland of antique malls. It’s a huge building with hundreds of booths and obscure objects you didn’t know you needed! Who knows what you’ll find and we guarantee you’ll have to visit more than once to see it all! There’s seriously so much stuff to look at, you won’t leave empty-handed! And you better visit soon! As of their website— Pacific Galleries will be closing at the end of August 2021.


  • Pizza
    Sodo has some of the best pizza in Seattle. Check out Sodo Pizza off Airport Way or  Slice Box Pizza (Sodo Slice) on 1st!  Sodo Pizza is a woman-owned local business and when walking in, you’ll find yourself surrounded by old photos and maps of old Seattle. Slice Box has seriously delicioius fresh pizza you can order by the slice at their convenient walk up! Grab a slice and picnic at Jack Perry Memorial Park!


  • Derby Car Restaurant
    The restaurant called ‘Derby’ is located inside a car shop aptly named The Shop. Their website describes it as “a state-of-the-art facility for car and motorcycle enthusiasts to indulge in all aspects of their passion.” Did we mention that the food is excellent? Try a comfort food dish made with the best meat and produce Washington has to offer. Recently, the shop has opened up tours! This includes a 20-30 minute tour where your guide will take you behind the scenes of this legendary shop and tell you the stories and show you the sights! New (and new, old) cars, trucks, and motorcycles are added weekly!


  • Second Use
    It’s both fun and inspiring to browse salvaged vintage furniture, fixtures, and materials and if you’re a tinkerer this is your spot. Their blog has some great how-tos for upgrading and refreshing your space. You can even browse their newest arrivals— you’ll be amazed at the assortment of vintage chairs that come through Second Use!


  • Hole in Fence
    Technically in Beacon Hill, this famous spot appropriately named ‘hole in the fence’ is well known amongst photographers looking to get the perfect shot of the city skyline! This not-so-secret location is at the north entrance of Dr. Jose Rizal Park!


  •  Dockside Cannabis SODO and Cannabis Museum
    Dockside Cannabis is a woman and minority-owned company, rooted in the belief that cannabis promotes wellness. In 2011, Dockside first opened its doors as a medical dispensary, Dockside Co-op, in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Today, Dockside Cannabis encompasses four award-winning retail stores in the greater Seattle area that offer the highest quality service and selection to both medical and recreational cannabis shoppers. The cannabis museum is the only museum of its kind in Seattle and it lives at our very own Sodo location! Stop by to see cannabis prohibition-era paraphernalia and much more!


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