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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

You’ve made it. 2020 may be canceled but gift-giving is a go! Treat yourself and your loved ones this year. You deserve to unwind during what we expect to be a more tame, home-centric holiday season. What better way to relax than with one of the many cannabis gift options we’ve featured below! Load your bowls and your stockings with curated gift ideas from our knowledgeable staff. From topicals to tech vaping gadgets, we’re sure you’ll find something for yourself and your loved ones. Not sure what to get? Swing by our newly expanded Green Lake location where we’re happy to help you find the perfect product to elevate your 2020 holiday.

All suggestions are available for purchase at any of our four locations unless otherwise specified. Flavor assortment and stock levels may vary by location.

Stocking Stuffers

Fairwinds Inhalers

We know an inhaler seems like an odd stocking stuffer, but trust us, we included these because they’re so discreet and perfect for family gatherings. Available in a variety of CBD and THC ratios, these nifty little cannabis inhalers deliver a fine mist of cannabis oil directly to your lungs where it absorbs into the bloodstream. inhaler cartridge $60 | actuator (sold separately) $3

Blunt Royale Blunts

Perfect for heavy tokers, these classic and infused blunts are lovingly handcrafted by a team of magical elves in Tacoma. Made with hemp wraps that naturally contain CBD. 1g infused blunt $16 | 2g classic blunt (not infused) $21 | 4g classic blunt (not infused) $36

Emerald Peaks Carms & Fudge

These handmade fudge and caramels are dosed using old school methods— stove-top infused butter and coconut oil. Perfect for melting drizzling, or dipping! Pro tip: squish a caramel and a fudge together for the ultimate flavor combo. single $6 | 10-pk $36

Sinners & Saints CannaShots

Available in fruit punch, pink lemonade, or mango, these pack a Santa-sized dose of THC in a bottle small enough to fit in an Elf’s hands! Great for mixing into holiday cocktails or enjoying straight after a long day of shopping. 100mg THC each $15

Topi-Go Concentrated Cannabis Oil

Food-grade MCT oil derived from coconuts, available in 300mg high THC, high CBD, and 1:1 potencies. Ready to mix into regular body products or DIY recipes. Get some ideas here [insert link to other posts]. $18

Swifts Mints

The perfect pick me up, these are available in green tea peppermint, strawberry, passionfruit, and chili mango flavors. Each pack contains two (5mg) sugar-free candies. 2-pk $2

Journeyman Jellies

Journeyman keeps your tongue excited by including 3 different flavors in each sour, berry, or tropical themed 10-pack. Made with real fruit, these treats are vegan and gluten-free. THC 10-pk $23 | 1:1 or 30:1 10-pk $29



Food Nerds & Culinary Explorers

Olio Activated Olive Oil

Containing 25mg of THC per tablespoon, this extra virgin olive oil makes every meal extra special. Olio can also be used to make your own DIY topicals such as lip balms, salves, or massage oils! Check out some recipes for making your own body products on our blog! 400mg THC per bottle— a fantastic value! $29

Craft Elixirs Pioneer Squares

It’s no wonder these perfectly chewy fruit squares are our best sellers. Available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors like watermelon-kiwi, pineapple crush, and CBD black and blueberry, just to name a few. single THC $6 | single CBD $7 | 10-pk THC $30 | 10-pk CBD $33

Green Baker 1:1 Baked Goods

Try their brownies, coffee cake, or cookie variety pack. These delicious, soft, and chewy baked goods are gluten-free, but you’d never guess it! Perfect with a glass of almond milk for food-sensitive Santas. 10-pk $48

Fairwinds Companion Tincture

Available in roasted chicken or bacon flavors, this CBD-rich tincture is a perfect addition to your favorite Bloody Mary mix or chicken soup! Made for the animal in all of us! .33oz bottle $28 | .66oz bottle $45

American Baked Thick Mint & Toffee Crunch Cookies

Thick Mints are exactly what the Girl Scouts never gave you— a cannabis-infused, thin, crispy chocolate cookie enrobed in luscious mint chocolate. The Toffee Crunch Cookies feel like a high-end gourmet experience; a chocolate-dipped cocoa wafer topped with almonds and toffee. 10mg THC per cookie single $6 | 10-pack $33

Seagoat Fine Chocolate

Available in dark, milk, mint, or white chocolate— these are some of the finest and most considerately sourced chocolates available! This single-origin chocolate made with cacao sourced from Venezuela is divine on its own and makes an astounding addition to baked goods! single $5 | 10-pack $30


Canna Curious, Gentle Dosers & Relief Seekers


American Baked 50:1 Fruit Chews

Available in raspberry or passionfruit with 50mg CBD and 1mg THC per piece, these delectable fruit chews top the charts with the highest amount of CBD per piece and are lovingly handcrafted with natural ingredients. single $6 | 10-pk $39

Puffin 1:1:1 Topi-drops

Each drop of this precious food-grade oil provides about 1mg each of THC, CBD, and CBG. This product is excellent for those who are looking to micro-dose or slowly layer doses until reaching the perfect head-space. 1075mg $75 This product is only available at our Shoreline, Ballard, and SODO locations.

Moxey Mints

These low-dose mints are just the thing for the times when you’re ready to pause and take it all in. Available in several flavors and potencies, including “Good Cheer”— a CBD-rich, 2:1 radio in a limited-edition holiday tin. $29-$52

Wild Side CBD Beverages

These low-THC beverages not only contain whopping amounts of CBD, but also have a unique blend of antioxidants and electrolytes to keep you powered up through the holiday season. 33mg $14 | 110mg $29




Body Care Gurus

Wild Mint Bath Bombs and Fizzy Foot Soak

Let’s face it; you’ve been decking the halls and donning gay apparel for weeks now. You or someone you love deserves a nice soak to relax. We recommend grabbing a joint before you jump in the tub. Bath Bomb $18 | Foot Soak $9

Flex All 420

Let the soothing power of this rich creamy topical melt away your aches and pains. The original mentholated formula is wonderful for easing day to day aches and pains. The lavender formula will help melt away tension related to seasonal stress. $45

Wild Mint Help! Headache Relief

When tension headaches get in the way of holiday activities, Help! Headache Relief is your best friend. Made with magnesium oil, cannabis, and essential oils, this product comes in an easy-to-use roll-on container. Simply swipe Help! on the base of the neck and feel the relief. $15


Fairwinds CBD Flow Cream

Flow Cream is a blend of skin-nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, herbs, and cannabinoids in Fairwind’s proprietary Canna Vera base, which is made from cannabis fats, waxes, and juice. Trial size $8 Full size: 125mg THC & 25mg CBD $48



Ho Ho Hi-Tech

Puffco Plus

The Puffco Plus is a portable oil vaporizer perfect for dabbing on the go! It’s sleek, discreet, and easy to use both at home and when you’re out and about.  The coilless heat chamber and 12-second continuous heat mode allow for a full medicated dose without burning your dab, or yourself! $99

Pax Era Pro

With more predictability, control, and potency potential than ever before, this all-new cannabis oil vaporizer features a discreet and attractive design that provides an ideal hand feel. Compatible with PAX pod cartridges only. $70


Bearers of the Torch

Puffin Farms Extra Virgin Flower Oil

Made from the highest quality flower material, Puffin Farm uses an extremely gentle extraction process to produce oil that retains as many traits from its source flower as possible. It makes an incredibly tasty dab or a convenient option for refilling your empty carts. Their cartridges are ideal for a “flower high” while on the go. 1g tanker $47 | .5g cartridge $36 | 1g cartridge $54

Canna Organix Custard

For their dreamy custard, Canna Organix uses a proprietary process that breaks cannabis down into individual parts, before removing all excess materials such as fats, chlorophyll, and other elements. Then, they re-mix the good components, which results in a pure, creamy extraction. Treat yo’self! 1g $45

Oleum Cold Cured Live Resin

The starting material for Oleum’s Live Resin is fresh flower that has been flash-frozen, instead of being dried and cured. Their specially designed equipment and cold-curing process ensure high retention of terpenes and THCa in the final extraction— offering a rich flavor profile and a potent high. 1g $45

Altus Concentrates

Often headier than their pricing would lead you to believe, Altus offers a beautiful array of impeccably extracted concentrates in a variety of different consistencies. Perfect for the terp-hound in your life.  Platinum Tier 1g $30 | Premium Tier 1g $25 | Dabs Tier 1g $20

Sitka Lebanese Hash

An authentic Middle Eastern style hashish available here in the PNW! Sitka uses a highly secretive process to create this fragrant and pliable hash that will whisk you away on a magic carpet ride. Perfect for old skool stoners and those who prefer solventless concentrates. 1g $39 Available in indicadominant (red) or sativa dominant (gold)


Flower Purists

Shopping tip: All of the following brands are available at each Dockside location but each has a slight variation in the strains and larger format package sizes that are available. Please visit our online menu to check out the inventory of each store, and even pre-order to ensure what you want is still there when you arrive!


For the thinking stoner in your life, Kiona offers a variety of classic and heirloom genetics. As a steward of strains from times before the influence of modern breeding programs, Kiona’s products often look a little more “natural” and offer intense, indescribably complex aromatics. They deliver vivid, entirely unique effect profiles representing precious biodiversity— which has been all but lost over time. Ask your budtender about their favorite strains from Kiona!

Flower: 3.5g $30 | 7g $57 | 14g $108 | 28g $210  Pre-Rolls: .5g single $5 | .5g 2pk $8 | .5g 8pk $25

Heavenly Buds

Is this Heaven? It sure seems like it! This family-owned and operated brand offers a top-shelf experience due to their focus on providing the healthiest environment for their plants. Their strain catalog features classics such as Super Lemon Haze and Bublicious, as well as some newer genetics. Not a flower fan? Try their kief, hash rosin, and concentrates.

Flower: 1g $12 | 3.5g $40 | 7g $80 | Pre-Roll 1g $9


Treedom has an impressive history of experience. They grew cannabis for the medical industry long before recreational cannabis shops were legalized. Their strain catalog boasts aromatic offerings with unique effect profiles that are sure to please. Some of our favorites are Jackie G, Blue Bastard, and Hawaiian Lavender.

Flower: 1g $12 | 3.5g $39 | 7g $78 | 14g $155 | 28g $308 | Pre-Roll: .75g $8


Named for their goal as a company to promote the acceptance of people’s unique ways of life, Lifestyle’s strain catalog features soaring sativa and cozy indicas— sure to help you be your best self and get the most out of your lifestyle.

Flower: 1g $11 | 3.5g $37 | 7g $74 | 14g $140 | 28g $294


It’s more than Soulshine’s eco-friendly packaging that sets them apart from the pack— their genetics feature reliable proprietary and classic strains that are sure to please. And the experience gets a little sweeter— Soulshine donates a portion of their retail sales to Emerald City Pet Rescue, so you can help the little furry friends while you get high.

Flower: 1g $12 | 3.5g $39 | 7g $75 | 28g $282 | Pre-Rolls .5g x 2-pk $10

Farmer’s Gold

Value-oriented flower perfect for those daily doobies, seasonal baking, or DIY projects! These small but mighty nugs have been kissed with sunshine for a natural yet stoney budget flower option.

Flower: 3.5g $12 | 7g $21 | 28g $75


Happy Holidays!

We hope you have a safe, relaxing, and inspiring holiday season, surrounded by warmth and love as 2020 comes to a close. Thanks for choosing to shop at Dockside! We are honored to share our passion and to connect you with cannabis.

If you are the type of person who likes to get crafty, then check out our blog for some DIY gift ideas for your fellow weed-loving friends!