2022 Dockside Cup Recap

Inspired by March Madness, The Dockside Cup is a five week long, bracket-style competition that takes place annually during March at Dockside Cannabis. Our top flower vendors enter their most prized, terpene-rich, beautiful, and smooth-hitting flower for our customers to smoke and vote on their favorite.

Here’s a wrap up of the matches and results from 2022:

dockside cup 2022 bracket

Match 1:

Hindu Kush (Landrace strain) from Puffin Farm

Aroma & Taste Citrusy, floral, earthy, anise

Appearance Deep purple with green flecks covered in sticky white trichomes

Experience Heavy, intensely relaxing

Landrace strains are the “purebreds” of cannabis with ancient genetics named after the regions where they were first discovered. The Hindu Kush is a mountain range in Afghanistan.


Dutchberry (Dutch Treat x DJ Short Blueberry) from Artizen

Aroma & Taste Rose, raspberry, blood orange, pine, rosemary, pistachio

Appearance Chunky, medium-sized nugs with dense, tightly-coiled leaves. Orange pistils punctuate its uniform emerald green coloring. Cloudy white trichomes dot the outsides of the flowers, giving the strain a particularly sticky texture.

Experience Giggly and euphoric, yet relaxing

Dutchberry is Artizen’s flagship strain and a recipient of the Dope Cup People’s Choice Award.


Match 2:

Pineapple Beignet (Wedding Cake pheno #33 x Roses) from House of Cultivar

Aroma & Taste A perfect blend of fruit and gas— sweet pineapple pastry on the palate with a funky petrol finish

Appearance Tight bud structure with hues of bright green mixed with light purple and contrasting bright orange hairs. Bright, beautiful trichomes exhibit excellent resin production.

Experience Euphoric with a relaxing but functional body high

Exclusive genetics boast a unique terpene profile found nowhere else with a potency that rivals the best of the best.


White Hot Guava (Maitai #4 x Guava Gelato) from Doc & Yeti

Aroma & Taste Gelato, diesel, and guava with grape undertones

Appearance Dense, chunky, purple buds covered in crystals

Experience Euphoric, calming, relaxing, stoney

Innovators, Doc & Yeti, won Dope Cup awards in 2017 for their Red Headed Stranger and Brandywine strains.


Match 3:

Cakezz (Wedding Cake x Zkittlez) from Canna Organix

Aroma & Taste Earthy, tropical fruit, and candy on the nose with flavors of rich vanilla, earthy and fruity undertones.

Appearance An amazing combination of the dense bud structure known in Wedding Cake with a thick coat of trichome coverage throughout the buds.

Experience Begins with a cerebral, happy high with good energy, followed by a calming relaxation.

Grown in the ‘Olympic Rain Shadow,’ a region on the Olympic Peninsula that receives only 16 inches of rain a year and 250 days of sunshine!


Pancakes a la Mode (Pancakes x Project 4516 pheno #3) from Fire Bros.

Aroma & Taste Tart lemon and fruit, with notes of kush, pine, diesel, with a very smooth silky mouthfeel

Appearance Tight, dense structure encrusted with large glittering trichomes and strawberry-blonde pistils.

Experience Produces a strong, heady high, like being wrapped in a warm weighted blanket.

Fire Bros’ unique genetics are integral to their success and all their strains are phenotypes hand-selected from seeds. They don’t ever buy clones from other companies.


Match 4:

Unicorn Factory (Unicorn Poop x Runtz) from High Tide

Aroma & Taste Funky and foul, with a touch of sweetness

Appearance White-purple calyxes and ultra resinous, sandy trichomes

Experience Mostly sedative with some cerebral stimulation

A unique and rare balanced hybrid bred by Pheno Addicts Genetics and pheno-hunted at High-Tide. A Tier-2 (mid-size) farm in Tacoma, High Tide’s rigorous in-house standards ensure that only the best-of-the-best winds up in their jars and cones.


Whistling Moon Traveler (Trainwreck x Orange Durban) from Cascadia Gardens

Aroma & Taste Sweet, savory, and seriously smelly

Appearance These dense nugs are covered in blonde pistils and look like they have been rolled in sugar!

Experience Perfect for any Crypto legends that need a strain to match their trajectory, or anyone looking to have an inspired and energized evening of flowing creativity.

Trainwreck, one of the parent strains of Whistling Moon Traveler, is a classic Sativa known for its energetic and mind-bending effect profile.


Match 5 / The Final Four

After four weeks of head-to-head matches, the winners from each week competed in the Final Four: Dutchberry from Artizen, Pineapple Beignet from House of Cultivar, Pancakes a la Mode from Fire Bros., and Whistling Moon Traveler from Cascadia Gardens.

Dockside Cup 2022 final four bracket

Dutchberry from Artizen brought home the gold in 2022!


Dockside Cup 2022 winner

See you next year!