5 ways to Incorporate Cannabis into your Bedtime Routine

Sleeping is one of the most important parts of our day. Getting good quality sleep and enough of it has a positive impact on how clearly we think, how much energy we have, and our mood. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to develop a bedtime routine that helps you get the most out of your z’s. Here are some suggestions you can try to ease the transition from your busy day to your head on the pillow.

Collect your thoughts and free your mind.

Make a to-do list for tomorrow so you can prevent those thoughts from clattering around in your head as you attempt to unwind. Get cozy with some blankets and reach for a sedating strain like GMO by Exotikz, Grape Ape by Artizen, or Presidential Kush by Fifty Fold. If you can’t find any of those, one of our budtenders will be happy to give you a recommendation. Once you’ve reached an elevated mental state, focus on your body. Beginning with your toes, imagine each consecutive part of your body feeling heavier and heavier as your work all the way up to your eye-lids. 

Make a cup of herbal tea and add in a few drops of a cannabis tincture. 

While most people find the effects of THC and/or CBD to be relaxing on their own, both Fairwinds and Green Revolution have tinctures containing additional ingredients chosen specifically for sleep. 

Fairwinds’ “Deep Sleep” contains a 2 THC: 1 CBD ratio of cannabis in addition to other sleep-promoting herbs like passionflower extract, valerian root extract, magnolol extract, and honokiol extract. For faster absorption, drop the tincture directly underneath your tongue. 

Green Revolution’s “Beauty Sleep Tincture” is not oil-based and therefore dissolves easily into any beverage. It contains 80mg THC, 40mg CBD, 20mg CBN. CBN is the oxidized form of THC and while it’s known to be less psychoactive, its sedative qualities are greater.

Give yourself a foot massage (or if you have a partner, give each other foot massages). 

Some basic oil or lotion will work, but if you want to take it to the next level try it out with a cannabis-infused topical like Lavender Flex-all 420. Flex-all contains 150mg of THC and 250mg of CBD per pot! Alternatively, try infusing your own favorite lotion using a few drops of Topi-go, an activated, concentrated, food-grade topical-booster. If you aren’t sure how to give yourself a foot massage, this video has some pretty good instructions to teach you some basics.

Cuddle with your pet.

If you have a cuddly pet in your house, get cozy and share some warmth. Affection is known to reduce stress and release feel-good hormones which will help ease your mind into a more relaxed state. 


Stretching is good for all sorts of reasons. It relieves tension and stress, improves flexibility, helps with injury prevention, and enhances muscular relaxation to name a few. Whether your day job requires you to sit all day or be on your feet, stretching regularly has benefits for everyone. If you really want to tune into those sensations, try pairing your session with a strain like Mango Haze by Artizen, Dutch Treat by Doc & Yeti, or Mystic Ribbon by Sweetwater Farms.

We wish you a restful night’s sleep! XO,