7 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Weed Containers

If you smoke as much weed as we do then you’re bound to have a collection of semi-empty containers sitting about. Instead of tossing them out why not repurpose them!  We have some great ideas to get you started, some of which make for great gifts for friends or family! 

1. Make a candle: 

Creating your own candles has never been easier! You have the container – check! Now all you need is a handful of wax, wicks & scents all of which can be acquired locally in Seattle at Zenith Supplies or online!

2. Change keeper: 

Stay organized and keep your loose change in place by using one of your old weed jars as a coin purse! This works especially well if you’re looking for some last minute quarters for laundry day!

3. Skin care: 

Have you read about our amazing DIY cannabis infused skin care recipes? If you have and you want to make some, think about repurposing your old weed containers for salves and lotions!

4. DIY terrarium 

If you have a moss ball hangin’ around that needs a different or bigger space, try repurposing a cannabis container! Technically the correct term is Marimo ball and are not moss at all, but instead a freshwater algae!

5. Tea storage: 

Store loose leaf tea in old weed containers. Perfect for storing smaller amounts, and especially good for sharing.

6. Bejewel it! 

Give your old weed containers some bling. Add sparkle with a handful of jewels and a wax pen. Read up on  tips & tricks here. Give as a gift or keep for yourself. This is a fun way to glam up-cycled weed containers!

7. Customize your own stash box! 

Mr.Moxey’s artisan mint tins are perfect to repurpose and customize! These little tins are great at storing change, treats and even, you guessed it, MORE weed!

Let us know your weed up-cycling creations by tagging us @dockside.cannabis on Instagram and we’ll share it with our cannabis community! Happy repurposing!