A Stoner’s Guide to Spring Break (Virtual Edition)

Spring is here and more importantly Spring Break! While the country begins to open up, many of us are still practicing safety precautions. For those of you spending a Spring Break inside this year, we have 6 suggestions for elevating your spring break and having fun! 

1. Go for a walk – Besides being incredibly good for you, both for body and mind, walking also offers you the chance for adventure. With apps like randonautica, you’ll create your own personal intention or goal and the app will provide you with unique, random coordinates. Will walking to your destination help illuminate your intentions? Maybe? But you may discover that the journey is more important than your destination. Some strain suggestions to help facilitate a pleasant walk are Cherry Pie by Noble Farms, Humboldt Royal Kush by LuvIt, or Narnia by Soulshine.

2. Start a new hobby – With Bob Ross streaming on Netflix and Painting with John on HBO Max, creating your own masterpiece has never been easier. You may find smoking a bowl and zenning out to these shows is more your speed. We found the best of both worlds with Painting (a cannabis plant) with Bob Rosin.

3. Bake something with weed in it – If you haven’t already started baking, now is a good time as any to test out some of our own Dockside signature dishes!  We have a library of infused recipes ready to elevate any occasion! Search in our blog for keywords such as ‘infused brownies’ or ‘infused smoothies.’

4. Move your body You may not be dancing it up in the club or on a cruise ship this Spring Break but you can still get your groove on! FreetoBfit is an inclusive, body-affirming, safe space for all levels of movement. Located in Seattle, FreetoBfit offers an assortment of live zoom (and pre-recorded) classes with helpful instructors to get you moving again in all the right ways!

5. Call into Spring Break – Still missing that party scene? Lucky for us, there’s a Spring Break cam you can live vicariously through, no sunscreen necessary. Live Beaches streams a 24/7 beach cam, with many different locations to choose from!

6. Visit Dockside Cannabis – we’re here to help you find the right products for your body. Going for a hike, looking to binge Search Party for a solid 8 hours or looking for relief – we are here to help! Visit one of our four locations today!