Best Dog Friendly Places to Eat in Seattle When You Have The Munchies

It’s happened. You’re high and really hungry! There’s nothing but ramen flavor packets in the kitchen. The idea of going out for food and leaving your best dog friend (who let’s face it, suffers from severe separation anxiety) just does NOT sound appealing. Dockside has compiled an amazing list of the top 10 dog-friendly places to eat when you come down with the munchies. Those days of saying goodbye to your dog while you leave for food and feel guilty are over. Smoke up and safely commute to the closest dog-friendly place listed below! Just don’t forget your fuzzy friend as you walk out the door, it can be hard to remember these things when you’re high.

Giddy-Up Burgers

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This food joint in Ballard not only has great burgers but a spacious indoor patio which is completely dog-friendly! An added plus is Dockside Ballard is right across the street!

 Tougo  Coffee 

This coffee shop in Central District has some of the best coffee in Seattle but it also offers a warm place for you and your pup to sit and relax! Play on your laptop with your best bud nearby. If you get there early enough, you can enjoy some tasty Austin inspired breakfast tacos from Sunrise Tacos.

 Norm’s Eatery

All dogs, all the time! Norm’s is practically famous in Seattle as the #1 dog-friendly restaurant. If you’re a dog owner or just a fan of dogs, drop in and get your dog watchin’ on! They even cater to your furry friend with a dog menu featuring bacon cupcakes and other tasty treats.

Raised Doughnuts

If you’re a fan of donuts and dogs then this is your place! Raised Donuts offers a sweet selection of tasty breakfast treats. Indulge guilt free with your fuzzy pal by your side! Raised Donuts even offer classes to bake your own donuts, cakes and cookies!

 Bark! Espresso

Located in the Northgate neighborhood, this is a casual dog-friendly gem serving up Seattle’s famous Cafe Vita coffee and Macrina Bakery baked goods. They are a great unpretentious spot with exceptional baristas. They offer a small menu of breakfast and lunch bites if you are the wake n’ bake type and your munchies hit in the earlier half of the day.

Dogwood Bar & Indoor Dog Park

This bar doubles as a great spot to get your HH on with friends and a spot to entertain your dog! Yes, they have an indoor dog park!  Make sure you e-mail your pooch’s immunization records ahead of time or else they won’t be able to play. There’s also an entry fee for your pup, but Seattle winters are rough for them too so it’s worth the price to see their happy face run, play, and make new friends.

Chuck’s Hop Shop 

Chuck’s has two locations, one in the Central District and another in Greenwood. Chuck’s is so dog-friendly they have polaroids of all their frequent pooches! And wow, there are a lot! This casual spot is bar plus liquor and convenience store mash-up with lots of indoor and outdoor seating. Most nights there’s a food truck out front so you can grab a bite and carry it in to enjoy a brew along with it! There are so many things on tap, we can’t even count.

 Big Mario’s Pizza

Pizza is probably the most classic of all munchie foods! With 3 locations you and your pup probably won’t have to travel far to enjoy some delicious New York-style pizza. Open 7 days a week until at least midnight, and until 2 am on Friday and Saturday, they are so ready to take care of you when the late-night munchies strike!

Breweries! (Lagunitas, Optimism Brewing, and Peddlers Brewing Company)

Lagunitas and Peddlers in Ballard, and Optimism in Capitol Hill are some of our favorite local breweries that allow dogs inside and also provide delicious local food truck options to get your munchies on!  If you’re heading to Peddlers, you can pop into Mean Sandwich next door and put an order in to pick up at the window on Peddler’s deck. That way you can enjoy some craft beer while you’re waiting for your food to be made. It’s a win win!

What about cats?

You probably didn’t click this link unless you’re a dog person, but if you’re looking to expand your animal dining options, Seattle is home to its very own cat cafe! Seattle Meowtropolitan offers 50-minute sessions in the cat lounge (with a hot beverage included) for $13. Booking in advance is required so we’d recommend visiting their website for details. All cats in the cafe are available for adoption. But just remember, no outside animals allowed, this is for the safety of the animals inside.