Cannabis-Infused Yoga

Cannabis and yoga are an ancient pairing used to enhance the connection between mind and body. Drop into a meditative headspace, while also boosting your ability to tune into the sensations of your body. It might be a good idea to experiment at home, finding the right dose for your practice before joining the gym.

Here are some suggestions for trying it out:

Wildside CBD Drinks $18

Available in two different flavors: Summer Peach and Blackberry Lemonade. These are berry-licious flavors and contain a special blend of terpenes and herbs to help you get into the perfect headspace.


Wild Mint Warming & Cooling Blends $39-42

Experience our wonderful warming blend, the power of cayenne, ginger, and cinnamon soothe away stress while our arnica and herb oil works with the power of cannabis to increase circulation and decrease inflammation in muscles and joints. Or try the all natural herbal formula is abundant with cooling components that work in harmony with cannabis to penetrate sore muscles and joins. Menthol crystals & pepperment cool & soothe, while our proprietary herbal blend & cannabis relieve pain & inflammation. Can be used as a natural alternative to vapor rub.

Flex all 420 brand logo in green | Dockside Cannabis


Flex-All 420 $45

FLex-All 420 is one of the most cannabinoid-rich topical options we offer, boasting at least 420mg of cannabinoids per pot. It has a non-greasy transdermal cream base, which helps to deliver the cannabinoids to even the deepest aches and pains. Flex-All 420 is available in a tension-melting essential lavender oil scent, or a more traditional mentholated formula. Keep that post-yoga body feeling going all day long!


Packaged cannabis product in beige and brown box | Dockside Cannabis

Fairwinds Flow Cream, Flow Gel, or Flow Roll-on $28-$48

Flow Gel uses cannabis and a combination of other support herbs for joint pain and management in an ultra fast-absorbing gel base scented with essential oils. 146mg CBD & 4mg THC.

Flow Cream has the same comfort promoting qualities of the Flow gel with added skin-nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and cannabis plant waxes. 250mg CBD & 25mg THC.

Flow Roll-on is available in two formulas, both have the same cannabinoid profile but are made using different blends of essential oils; the regular strength formula was designed with aroma-sensitivity in mind, and extra strength was designed with additional essential oils to deliver the maximum effects in the shortest amount of time. 148mg CBD & 2mg THC.