Cannabis Topicals for Your Outdoor First Aid Kit

Summer gets a late start in the PNW. Right now is the peak time to get outside, get active and absorb some vitamin D! There are a million fun things to do in the outdoors, and incorporating cannabis into your outdoor activities can make for a truly elevated experience! And we’re not just talking edibles, vapes or joints. At Dockside we also carry products to help you find relief from all the not so fun parts of being outside, such as sunburns, bug bites, and that unexplainable weird rash you maybe got from the lake? Be sure to bring along the below products from Wild Mint, you won’t regret it! 

Wild Mint’s Rescue Healing Salve is generally a great first aid kit addition. It’s gentle enough to be used on all areas of the skin and has amazing support herbs to promote healing with a nice zesty lemongrass and tea tree aroma. 

Where did that weird rash come from and why won’t it stop burning or itching? Wild Mint’s Cooling Salve is a perfect remedy for bug bites and rashes as peppermint helps reduce irritation and itching. The Cooling Slave also provides relief to swollen feet at the end of a long day of hiking. 

It feels great to sit down after a full day of being on your feet, but know what feels even better? Applying Wild Mint’s Warming Salve to your sore muscles and legs! 

The Help! Stick contains cooling peppermint and relaxing lavender, which is great for easing headaches that could be associated with allergies or dehydration. It’s also powerful enough to swipe over achy muscles to boot!

Now get out there and enjoy some of the scenery we are so lucky to have access to here in the PNW!