Cookies, Runtz, Minntz and more are arriving at Dockside

We love all of our Minglewood brands and we really love the goodies they’re bringing to Dockside! Take a look at our Minglewood brand breakdown and check your local Dockside menu to see what we have in store. *Please note: product assortment and availability will vary by location.

Cookies began with two visionary founders: grow expert Jai, and entrepreneur Berner, whose Girl Scout Cookies remains one of the most popular strains on the market.  The Cookies Fam contains many smaller brands based on collaborations and specific genetic lineages or terpene profiles.  Cookies has remained one of the most coveted and recognizable cannabis options in CA since its inception.  

The Momma Chan facility in Tacoma, where the Cookies weed is grown, has been inspected by Cookies Fam head growers, and the two growing teams consult regularly to ensure product quality and consistency.  



Hailing from San Fransisco, the Runtz brand, part of the Cookies Fam,  is known for its buzz in the music industry.  

All strains offered in the Runtz line are Zkittles x Gelato cultivars, with White Runtz being their flagship strain.


The Lemonnade brand is a creation from the mind of Berner, featuring the wildly successful Lemonade strain. While the Lemonnade line largely focuses on strains that include Lemonade in the strain lineage, they have recently pivoted to focus on strains with exceptional aromatic profiles.  Anytime you open a bag of Lemonnade, it’s gonna blow yer bangs back.  

STRAIN: Cake Mix


Cookies Fam co-founder Berner brought about Exotikz in collaboration with LA-based growers, the Jungle Boys, creators of strains such as Triangle Kush  and  LA Kush Cake.  Their collaboration resulted in the creation of the  Wedding Cake strain.

 All Exotikz flower is grown to the exacting standards used in the Jungle Boys facility to ensure product quality and consistency.



Seed Junky Genetics, world-renowned breeders of strains such as Animal Cookies, Gelato, and Ice Cream Cake collaborated with Berner (of Cookies Fam) to bring their first commercial cannabis line to market.  One of the most notable strains available from the Minntz line is The Soap, which is known for its unique aromatics and uplifting effect profile. The process used to grow this amazing flower here in WA is identical to the process being used in the Minntz facility in CA.

Clout King

Per Z Clout King himself, “I am a long time cultivator from Santa Cruz CA. After dealing with picky customers, getting raided, and diagnosing issues at my grow for years, I started to make memes about my experience in late 2017.”   Clout King’s Insta account rapidly gained followers prompting him to start the Clout King brand in 2018.  One of Clout King’s premier cuts is Peanut Butter Cup (Mendo Breath x Do-Si-Do), which sports a nutty flavor and relaxing effect profile.


Grandiflora is one of Cookies Fam brands and features the genetics of Mark McCafferty.  Berner had become enamored with Grandiflora’s pre-rolls and flower and reached out to Mark to begin a partnership in 2019.  McCafferty is very secretive about his genetics and strives to develop strains with rare and exclusive aromatics that deliver a sensory experience.




K Savage*

K Savage’s amazing strain collection is curated by the growing team at the Blue Dream facility here in WA, where the Exotikz flower is grown. The cuts were sourced through a group of very well connected brokers who have access to some of the best genetics available.  Strains were chosen based on their ability to inspire creativity and enhance life’s everyday moments. *K Savage is not a Cookies Fam brand, but it’s hella dank.

STRAINS: Angela, Duct Tape, Gello, and GMO (formerly from the Exotikz line up)