Curate Your Own Cannabis Emergency Kit 

While the world is stocking up on toilet paper and bags of beans, we at Dockside are stocking up on weed! It’s especially important during these times to take care of your mental health, and for us, cannabis is an important part of our whole body wellness routines. Building a cannabis emergency kit might be worth your consideration because in these times when anxiety runs high it can be as essential as having a first aid kit. Everyone’s kit will be personal and unique just as each individual’s relationship to weed is unique. It’s important to think about the type of kit you will use and where you plan to store it, especially if you have children or pets. A kit that locks is ideal and can range from a cooler to a kit-n-caboodle. 

When preparing your kit, consider how long you’ll want your supply to last– we recommend two to six weeks. Keep track of when you store your products as some packaging will not tell you an expiration date. The most fragile products include candy, flower, and joints which can be stored for 3-6 months if stored in a dark dry environment. If you already have an excess product and are deciding what to include in your kit, it’s good to know that each item has a multitude of uses. For instance, older concentrates can be transformed into edibles. Heat up the concentrate, such as warming on a stovetop (this activates the cannabinoids) and combine to your preferred food item or make an infused oil. Remember that concentrates have hundreds of milligrams of cannabinoids in each gram and that a small amount can be used to make potent edibles or topicals.

Your kit should contain products that are right for you. Types of kits to think about are ones that help with sleep, PTSD, mood, appetite, change of headspace, and creativity or all of the above. Let’s get started with some products you may want to consider adding to your kit.

RSO: The product with the longest shelf life is RSO oil (this also includes products that are whole-plant extract). RSO is a great product to use for relief. Topi-go, similarly is food grade and can be used for oral relief such as toothaches or is a great easy way to infuse your favorite foods.

Hash: The effects of hash are much stronger than smoking flower due to the concentration of cannabinoids, but it also has a longer shelf life. Hash is forever so stock up! 

Tinctures: There’s a tincture for every malady. Fairwinds offers 20:1 CBD for relief, while Beauty Sleep from Green Revolution promotes restful sleep, and Fairwinds’ bacon-flavored Companion tincture can help your anxiety-ridden furry friend. We advise including a tincture in your kit for easy and quick relief. Capsules also work but it’s much more difficult to customize the dosage.

Edibles: As stated earlier, edibles, especially candy edibles containing chocolate have a very short lifespan. Although your edible gummies may get hard with age they will still facilitate in offering the relief you need. Soften any hardened gummies by warming them in your hands. Mr.Moxey’s Mints are long-lasting and come in a variety of THC and CBD ratios. For example, Dream is a 3:1 CBD mint with additional support herbs for sleep and anxiety management 

Flower: Flower is best kept in a dark container out of light, excessive heat, and moisture. When stored properly, it can maintain its THC and terpene ratio for up to 6 months or longer!


When it comes to topical balms, we recommend Wild Mint’s Rescue Healing Salve. Its unique formula is wonderfully versatile and includes ingredients to reduce pain and swelling, as well as help heal a variety of skin conditions from rashes and burns to chronic conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Another product we’re really into, and is a favorite of many customers, is the Fairwinds Flow Cream. It smells like coziness and soaks in well. If you’re more adventurous and have some old flower available, try making your own infused olive oil or coconut oil. You can mix it with herbs and essential oils to make your own topicals.

Velvet Swing: Velvet Swing Lube for self-care! If you are stuck self-isolating, you might as well make the most of your alone time if you catch our drift. And if you share your quarantine space with others, try to find some quiet moments to yourself– you deserve it.

Paraphernalia: You may want to consider including a pipe, lighter, hemp wick, or matches along with extra rolling papers and filters.




For non-cannabis essentials, consider including hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes, to keep your hands and your paraphernalia clean. For additional tips on cleaning your glassware, read our Bong and Pipe Cleaning Demo.  It doesn’t hurt to have a backup pipe and lighter just in case. 

Let us know how your kits are looking by tagging us on instagram @dockside.cannabis or find us on Facebook at Dockside Cannabis. If you have any questions regarding the products in this post or any other products we carry, please e-mail us at