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Dockside Battery and Cartridge Guide

Congratulations on owning your very own Dockside battery! We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to get you started!  

Getting started: 

  • Rapidly push the button 5 times to turn your battery on or turn off.
  • Hold the button down to inhale — a 2-5 second puff works best.
  • Rapidly push the button 3 times to change the power setting. Green is the low voltage setting, blue is medium, and red is the highest voltage setting.
  • Rapidly push the button 2 times to initiate a 15-second cartridge warm-up cycle. This helps functionality if the cartridge is left in cold conditions. 
  • A flashing violet light means your battery requires charging. 

Tips and precautions:

  • Store your battery and cartridge in a cool, dark place. Exposing your cartridge to extreme temperatures can cause congealing or leaking of the concentrate.
  • Keep the battery and cartridge upright at all times. Storing your cartridge at an angle, upside down, or on its side can cause leakage.
  • If you need to remove your cartridge from the battery before the concentrate is gone, be sure to unscrew the cartridge from the bottom-most contact point of the cartridge and be careful to not unscrew elements of the cartridge from itself.
  • Viscosity differs from product to product. Heat the cartridge up with friction or by running it under warm water in a plastic bag before vaping for faster, smoother results. 
  • If your cartridge doesn’t make any noise when you initiate a pull from your battery then it may have faulty electronic components. Refer to the following link to troubleshoot alignment issues at home:
  • Test your battery to ensure whether it is the faulty component before attempting an exchange by trying a different cartridge. 
  • If not using an EVOD or SLIMLINE battery, be conscious of voltage levels when vaping. If voltage settings are too high you could fry the concentrate before you fully enjoy your cartridge experience. 
  • If using the wax globe attachment on your EVOD variable power battery, and wish to use a disposable cartridge; remove the entire globe assembly, including the base which has the rubber O rings, to expose the battery’s inner thread for cartridges.
  • If you are still having issues with your battery or cartridge after consulting this document, feel free to email us at with your name and contact information so we can walk you through basic troubleshooting and potentially eliminate any unnecessary trips to the store.

If all else fails, please see our return policy: 

  • If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please return the unused portion in the original packaging to the place of purchase with the original receipt within 15 days and Dockside will gladly exchange it.
  • Cartridges cannot be exchanged if the issue stems from user error. Please see “Tips & Precautions” for troubleshooting user errors.
  • All exchanges must take place immediately; we can’t give out any store credit. 
  • The product must be exchanged at the store it was purchased from.
  • All cartridge exchanges subject to approval by Dockside Cannabis management. Any exchanges attempted past 15 days from the original purchase date are subject to approval by Dockside Cannabis management.