Dockside Cannabis 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Check out gift ideas perfect for the seasoned stoners or the canna-curious friends on your holiday list.

Inspired by the plant we all celebrate!

Stocking Stuffers

Oakor Slips These weed-infused breath slips are convenient, discreet, and can be held under the tongue for fast-acting effects. Available in a wide variety of potencies, these slips are great for whichever type of experience you’re hoping to achieve! Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | $5

Oleum Extracts Lip Balm Cannabis-infused lip balm made with natural cannabis waxes and moisturizing plant lipids. The first and only of its kind! Contains 56mgTHC and 14mg CBD. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | $8

Craft Elixirs Fruit Gems It’s no wonder these perfectly chewy, 10mg THC fruit gems are one of our best sellers. They come in a variety of flavors: watermelon-kiwi, pineapple crush, pink lemonade, and black & blueberry. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | single $6 | 10-pk $30

Emerald Peaks Carms & Fudge Handcrafted the old-fashioned way; using stove-top infusions! The caramels are made with butter and the fudge is made with high-quality coconut oil. Both contain 10mg THC per piece. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | single $5 | 10-pk $36

Seagoat Salted Caramel BonBons Made with natural ingredients and single origin Venezuelan chocolate, these are among the most elegant confections on our shelves. Each bonbon contains 10mg THC. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | $5

Waking Giant & Gentle Giant Herbal Shots Each berry-licious shot contains a special blend of terpenes and herbs, plus 30mg of THC to put you in the perfect headspace. Conquer the season with a Giant on your side! Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | $12 each

Swifts Mints Two 5mg sugar-free candies per pack. Available in a variety of flavors. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | $3


Culinary Explorers

Olio Activated Olive Oil Containing 25mg of THC per tablespoon, this extra virgin olive oil makes every meal extra special. Olio can also be used to make your own topicals such as lip balms, salves, or massage oils! 400mg activated THC per bottle- a fantastic value! Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | $30


Swifts Cannabees Honey Extraordinary cannabis-infused honey available in two potencies; 10mg THC or 10mg CBD + 2mg THC. A portion of each sale is donated to the WSU Honey Bee and Pollinator Research Facility. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | single THC $4 | single CBD $5 | 10-pack $30

Swifts Chocolate Covered Almonds & Chocolate Covered Malt Balls Classic candy options, but enhanced with weed! Swifts’ Malt Balls are deliciously crisp and crunchy, but classy enough to enjoy with a nice Pinot Noir. The almonds are coated in dark chocolate for a high-end, low-guilt edible option. Each package has 20 pieces of candy infused with 5mg THC each. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora |  Almonds $33 | Malt Balls $30

Fairwinds Companion Tincture This bacon-flavored, CBD-rich tincture is a perfect addition to your favorite Bloody Mary mix. Made for the animal in all of us. Each bottle contains 100mg CBD and 20mg THC. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th& Aurora | $37

Fairwinds Sriracha Tincture There’s a new condiment in town honoring one of the very best hot sauces on the planet! The properties of chili and black pepper enhance THC absorption, so a little goes a long way, just like hot sauce should! This tincture is FIRE!! Each bottle contains 100mg THC. Shoreline + SODO | $27

American Baked Cookies Thick Mints will get you to your desired headspace without sacrificing flavor! Try these thin, crispy chocolate cookies enrobed in luscious mint chocolate. The Toffee Crunch Cookies feel like a high-end gourmet experience: a chocolate-dipped cocoa wafer, topped with almonds and toffee. 10mg THC per cookies. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | single $5 | 10-pack $35


Gentle Dosers & Relief Seekers

Moxey Mints These low-dose mints are just the thing for the times when you’re ready to pause and take it all in. The usual lineup is available in several flavors and potencies, with 20 mints per tin. To double the goodness, pick up a limited edition holiday tin* filled with 40 peppermints, each infused with 5mg CBD and 2.5mg THC! Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | regular lineup $29-34 | holiday edition $55 *holiday edition is not available at 85th & Aurora.

Fairwinds PTSfree Cannabinoid-Vitamin Capsules Do the holidays leave you or a loved one feeling rough around the edges? The herbs, vitamins, and cannabinoids in this formula will leave you feeling relaxed and blissful, yet focused enough to get your chores done! 4mg CBD & 2mg THC ea. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | 10-pack $35

Swifts Mint Chocolate Truffle Cool, creamy, and delicious, these mint-chocolate truffles contain 8mg CBD and 2mg THC per serving. A decadent option for those seeking a low dose of THC. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | single $7 | 10-pack $33


Body Care Gurus

Velvet Swing Sensual Lubricant Snuggle up by the fireplace with someone you love this holiday season! This latex friendly formula combines the powers of terpenes and cannabinoids to stimulate and lubricate. 100mg THC and 33mg CBD per bottle. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | $30

Fairwinds Flow Cream Flow Cream is a blend of skin-nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, herbs, and cannabinoids in Fairwinds’ proprietary Canna Vera base, which is made from cannabis fats, waxes, and juice. 125mg THC and 25mg CBD per tub. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | $50

Green Revolution Body Buzz Bath Salts If you like the idea of soaking in a tub of cannabis, Body Buzz is for you! Scented with lavender and eucalyptus oil, this infused Epsom salt soak will leave you feeling like you’ve just had a luxurious spa treatment. 100mg THC & 40mg CBD. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | $25


Always On The Move

Palm Vaporizer Battery This slim battery can be easily concealed in the hand, making it perfect for sneaky tokes on the go. Comes with 2 magnetic adapters that are compatible with most standard 510 threaded cartridges, and a hemp storage pouch! Cartridges are sold separately. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | $32

Nectar Craft Capsules These discreet, vegan and gluten-free capsules are sure to please even the most health-conscious of customers, all while providing relief from a busy lifestyle. Available in a wide variety of potencies! Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | 10-packs $18-36

Green Revolution Tinctures Due to their water-soluble formula, these tinctures are easily mixed into food and drinks for simple dosing on the go. It tastes great on its own, too! Available in a variety of potencies! Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | $30-$90

Firefly 2 The Cadillac of portable vaporizers! It heats up in 3 seconds, has app-controlled temperature settings, and comes with a second battery. You’ll never be more than a touch away from high-quality vapor. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | $360


Bearers of the Torch

Oleum Wizard Stones Why climb Mt. Everest? Because it’s there. Why refind THCa down to its solid form? Same answer. Because of their heroics, Oleum won back-to-back Dope Cup awards for their wizard stones. This ultra-pure concentrate is perfect for the heroic stoner in your life. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | 1g $120

North Coast Growers Concentrates Quality concentrate starts with quality flower and North Coast grows some of the best flowers around. This oil, extracted by the dabmasters at Mantis Extracts, perfectly carries forward the taste of its flower counterparts. It will surely please even the most sophisticated dabber. (Please note: strain availability may vary by store location.) Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | 1g $45

Puffin Farm Extra Virgin Flower Oil Puffin calls their oil extra virgin, but the most important word is flower. Puffin uses only flower. No leaves, no stems, just bud. By starting with such high-quality flower, Puffin is able to deploy exceptionally gentle techniques to remove the plant material. The result is some of the tastiest oil in Washington. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | 1g tanker $45 | .5g cartridge $36 | 1g cartridge $54


Flower Purists

Cascadia Gardens If brightness and good cheer are what you’re after, consider Cascaida Gardens. This Bellingham-based team grows indoors under powerful lights, but feed their plants from living earth rather than hydroponic nutrients lines- thereby offering the best smelling and tasting cannabis. Cascadia Gardens employs full-time soil biologists to ensure each plant gets exactly what it needs. The result is gorgeous, colorful flower bursting with bright smells, and offering startlingly satisfying effects. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | 1g $10 | 3.5g $32 | 1g joints: single $9, 2-pk $10

Canna Organix A combination of year-round Sequim sunlight, supplementary lighting, and elite

NorCal genetics have made Canna Organix one of our most successful new flower partners of 2018. Canna Organix scores high in every category: their many-hued, gorgeously manicured flowers offer intense fruit, fuel, and cookies aromatics – and effect profiles as strong as they are long-lasting.   Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | 1g $12 | 3.5g $36 | .5g joints: single $5, 2-pk $9

This year, while supplies last, each store has very small batches of Gelato and Sunset Sherbert in collectible jars with holiday packaging. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO | 3.5g $40

Kiona For the thinking cannabis enthusiast in your life, Kiona offers a wide variety of classic and heirloom genetics. As a steward of strains that come from times and places before the influence of modern breeding programs, Kiona’s products often look a little more “natural” and “open” and offer intense, indescribably complex aromatics. They deliver vivid, entirely unique effect profiles representing a precious biodiversity which has been all but lost over time. Ask your budtender about heir favorite “landrace” strain from Kiona! Looking for something extra special? Try a Kiona holiday sampler. A treasure trove of 8 unique Kiona genetics, each in a bespoke, wax-sealed jar, this tour of cannabis across time, space, and history is a gift as nuanced as it is thoughtful. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | 1g $9 | 3.5g $30 | .5g joints: single $5, 2-pk $8, 8-pk $25 | 16g holiday sampler $140

Fifty Fold Since we opened our doors four years ago, 50 fold has been the partner our customers have most associated with excitement and exclusivity. 50 Fold maintains a tradition of growing small batches of ultra-premium flower, with a visual appeal in a class all its own. Their standards? Extremely high. Their control over their growing environment? Precise to the point of obsession. They never take shortcuts or cut corners- ever. They are the embodiment of everything excellent about the indoor craft tradition. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | 1g $15 | 3.5g $50 | .5g joints: single $6, 4-pk $21

Puffin Farm It’s not just that using the sun and soil to grow cannabis allows plants to show off their natural profiles in the most robust and complex way, or that a rich, diverse ecosystem spurs them to produce more aromatic oils- outdoor weed is also much, much more environmentally sustainable than indoor. Puffin Farm offers the conscientious consumer diverse, interesting flower, from the astoundingly heavy Hindu Kush to beautiful, aromatic CBD-rich strains with gentle effect profiles, all grown with an emphasis on environmental responsibility and stewardship. Shoreline + Ballard + SODO + 85th & Aurora | 1g $12 | 3.5g $36 | 1g joint $10