Dockside Cannabis 2019 Gift Guide

Inspired by the plant we all celebrate! Check out our gift ideas for both the seasoned stoners & the canna-curious friends on your list!

Stocking Stuffers

Saints Art Joint Packs

These joint packs have it all: variety, quality, and looks! These are some of the most revered joints in the state of WA. Each pack comes with 5 different strains, plus a handy guide so you know what you’re smoking. The hard box package boasts full-color illustrations from West Coast artists. 3.5g $38
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

Mary’s Transdermal Patches

Available in a variety of potencies, these transdermal patches provide effects lasting for up to 12 hours! $12
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard

Craft Elixirs Fruit Gems

It’s no wonder these perfectly chewy fruit gems are our best sellers! Available in a variety of different flavors and potencies. single $6-$7 | 10-pk $30-$33
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

Emerald Peaks Carms & Fudge

Handmade fudge and caramels made with stove-top infused butter, coconut oil, and 10mg of THC each. These are perfect for melting drizzling, or dipping! single $6 | 10-pk $36
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

Sinners & Saints Hard Candies

Because what would the holidays be without sweets? These delicious slow-melting hard candies are lovely eaten on their own, or used in recipes such as stained glass sugar cookies! THC 10-pk $15 | 1:1 10-pk $27
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

Topi-Go Concentrated Cannabis Oil

Food-grade MCT oil derived from coconuts, available in 300mg high THC, high CBD, and 1:1 potencies. Ready to mix into regular body products or DIY recipes. $18
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard

Swifts Mints

Two 5mg sugar-free candies per pack. Available in a variety of flavors. single $2
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora


Culinary Explorers

Olio Activated Olive Oil

Containing 25mg of THC per tablespoon, this extra virgin olive oil makes every meal extra special. Olio can also be used to make your own DIY topicals such as lip balms, salves, or massage oils! 400mg THC per bottle- a fantastic value! $29
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard

Swifts Cannabees Honey

Extraordinary cannabis-infused honey, available in 10mg packets, THC or CBD options. A portion of each sale will be donated to the WSU Honey Bee and Pollinator Research Facility. singles $4-$5 | 10-packs $25-$30
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

Swifts Chocolate-Covered Almonds & Chocolate-Covered Malt Balls

Time-honored candy enhanced with weed, yet still classy enough to enjoy with a nice Pinot Noir. Each piece contains 5mg of THC so you can dial in your high. 20-pack $30
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard

Fairwinds Companion Tincture

This bacon-flavored, CBD-rich tincture is a perfect addition to your favorite Bloody Mary mix. Made for the animal in all of us! Each bottle contains 100mg CBD and 20mg THC. $38
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

American Baked Thick Mint & Toffee Crunch Cookies

Thick Mints are exactly what the Girl Scouts never gave you; a cannabis-infused thin, crispy chocolate cookie enrobed in luscious mint chocolate. Toffee Crunch Cookies feel like a high-end gourmet experience: a chocolate-dipped cocoa wafer topped with almonds and toffee. 10mg THC per cookie single $6 | 10-pack $33
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

Seagoat Fine Chocolate

Some of the finest and most considerately sourced chocolates available in our stores! This single-origin chocolate is divine on its own and astounding added to baked goods! single $5 | 10-pack $30
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora


Gentle Dosers & Relief Seekers

Moxey Mints

These low-dose mints are just the thing for the times when you’re ready to pause and take it all in. Available in several flavors and potencies, including “Good Cheer,” a CBD-rich 2:1 in a limited edition holiday tin. $29-$52
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

Fairwinds Capsules PTSfree Cannabinoid & Vitamin Blend

Have the Holidaze left you or a loved one feeling rough around the edges? The herbs, vitamins, and cannabinoids in this formula will leave you feeling relaxed and blissful, yet focused enough to get your chores done! 4mg CBD & 2mg THC ea. 10-pack $30
Sodo | Shoreline |Ballard

Wild Side CBD Beverages

These low-THC beverages not only contain whopping amounts of CBD, but also have a unique blend of antioxidants and electrolytes to keep you powered up through the holiday season. 33mg $14 | 110mg $29
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora



Body Care Gurus

Velvet Swing Sensual Lubricant

Snuggle up by the fireplace with someone you love this Holiday Season! This latex-friendly formula combines the powers of terpenes and cannabinoids to stimulate and lubricate. It contains 133mg of cannabinoids! 100mg THC + 33mg CBD $30
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

Fairwinds CBD Flow Cream

Available in full or trial sizes! Flow Cream is a blend of skin-nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, herbs, and cannabinoids in Fairwind’s proprietary Canna Vera base, which is made from cannabis fats, waxes, and juice. 125mg THC & 25mg CBD $8-$48
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

Green Revolution Body Buzz Bath Salts

If you like the idea of soaking in a tub full of weed, Body Buzz is for you! Scented with lavender and eucalyptus oil, this infused Epsom salt soak will leave you feeling like you’ve just had a luxurious spa treatment. 100mg THC & 40mg CBD $24
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard


Always on the Move

Nectar Collectors

For the low-tech dabber on the go, the Nectar Collector provides a tool-free way to dab. Nectar Collectors can be heated using pocket cigar lighters, and dabs can be taken straight out of the glass or silicone container the product comes in. Pricing Varies.
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

The IQ is brilliantly engineered with all of the necessary tools for vaporizing concentrates pre-built into the device. It’s hand-held, heats up ultra fast, has a unique LED light display, and the battery is replaceable. $330
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard

Puffco Peak

With incredible heat up times and sophisticated temperature control software, the Puffco Peak is the gold standard for dab rigs. It’s perfect for those on your list who are curious about concentrates but are intimidated by the torch, as well as those who are seasoned dab-heads who just want a consistent and tasty experience. standard model $417.99 | sunset model (pictured) $440
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard




Bearers of the Torch

Puffin Farms Extra Virgin Flower Oil

Made from the highest quality flower material, Puffin Farm uses an extremely gentle extraction process to get oil that retains as many of the traits of the flower as possible. It’s great to dab or convenient for refilling your empty carts. 1g $47
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard | 85th & Aurora

Canna Organix Terp Crystals

Pure crystals of THCa resting in cannabis terpenes. Strong enough that one dab will be enough, but so tasty you’ll want to take two or three! 1g $45
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard

Refine Loud Resin by X-tracted

Quality concentrates start with quality flower. X-tracted have nourished relationships with their growers for over five years, resulting in access to the best starting material available in the state. Great material plus expert extractionists equals truly exceptional oil that is always a treat to dab. 1g $54
Sodo | Shoreline | Ballard


Flower Purists

Shopping tip: All of the following brands are available at each Dockside location but each has a slight variation in the strains and larger format package sizes that are available. Please visit our online menu to check out the inventory of each store, and even pre-order to ensure what you want is still there when you arrive!

Kiona | For the thinking stoner in your life, Kiona offers a variety of classic and heirloom genetics. As a steward of strains from times before the influence of modern breeding programs, Kiona’s products often look a little more “natural” and offer intense, indescribably complex aromatics. They deliver vivid, entirely unique effect profiles representing precious biodiversity, which has been all but lost over time. Ask your budtender about their favorite strains from Kiona!

Flower: 1g $9 | 3.5g $30 | 7g $57 | 14g $108 | 28g $210  Pre-rolls: .5g single $5 | .5g 2pk $8 | .5g 8pk $25

Canna Organix | A combination of year-round Sequim sunlight, supplementary lighting, and elite NorCal genetics have made Canna Organix one of our most successful flower partners since 2018. Canna Organix scores high in every category: their many-hued, gorgeously manicured flower offers intense fruit, fuel, and cookie aromatics, with effect profiles as strong as they are long-lasting.

Flower: 1g $12 | 3.5g $36 | 7g $69

Pre-rolls: .5g 2pks $9

Doc & Yeti | One of our most revered and awarded growers, Doc & Yeti has won Dope Cups for their Red Headed Stranger, Brandywine, and Forbidden Fruit, all of which are favorites of ours. Doc & Yeti’s Dutch Treat, also a cup-winner is our top pick this holiday season. This upbeat little number will keep you crushing your to-do list and smiling with the spirit of the season!

Flower: 1g $12 | 3.5g $35 | 7g $60 | 14g $120 | 28g $225


Sweet Water Farms | Are you a curious cannasseur who likes to know all the things before you toke? Then Sweetwater Farm is for you! Their small but uncommon strain catalog boasts some high-quality genetics, including the super fruity OG Matanuska cut of Alaskan Thunder Fuck and their rich and luxurious Primus cut. Each of Sweetwater’s unique flower offerings comes labeled with the strain’s genetic lineage and dominant terpenes, as well as aroma and effect profiles. Their nugs sparkle like the sun on freshly fallen snow!

Flower: 1g $12 | 3.5g $40 | 7g $79 | 14g $147 | 28g $294


Seattle Private Reserve | SPR is deeply rooted in traditional cannabis cultivation techniques and practices, backed by years of experience and a dedication to laboratory-level cleanliness. Their state-of-the-art indoor organic grow facility includes a small team of passionate and dedicated growers who hand mix soil with nutrients in order to ensure each plant reaches its maximum potential. After harvesting, their flower is cold-cured to preserve the aroma and flavor, hand-trimmed and professionally packaged to deliver the highest quality products possible.

Flower: 1g $12 | 3.5g $40 | 7g $80  Pre-rolls: .5g 2pk $10

Boggy Boon | Boggy Boon arose from an abandoned rock quarry in the Wenatchee Valley of Central Washington. It is now the home to Boggy Boon’s 24,000 square foot greenhouse facility. They approached the farm build-out the same way they approach everything- with patience and dedication to quality craftsmanship. Boggy Boon gathered a bunch of hard-working farmers now affectionately called The Sasquatch Squad, and are now one of the top producers and processors in Washington State.

Flower: 1g $9 | 3.5g $30 | 7g $60  Pre-rolls: .5g single $4 | .5g 2pk $7 | 1g single $6


Happy Holidays!

We hope you have a safe, relaxing, and inspiring holiday season, surrounded by warmth and love as 2019 comes to a close. Thanks for choosing to shop at Dockside! We are honored to share our passion and to connect you with cannabis.

If you are the type of person who likes to get crafty, then check out our blog for some DIY gift ideas for your fellow weed-loving friends!