Dockside In Our Community: Local Cannabis Nurse

Community is a fundamental cornerstone when it comes to living Dockside.

Since our start as a medical co-op and throughout our growth into the world of recreational cannabis, we have always held central the belief that cannabis brings people together through mutual respect, learning and understanding in our community. Another key component is education, and we’ve got a great team when it comes to teaching others about the many potential benefits of this plant.

We are proud to share that multiple publications featured one of our amazing staff members, Lisa Buchanan, this summer! She came to Dockside with 25 years of experience as an RN and OCN. She is part of Seattle Central College’s Community Spotlight, and she wrote a great article for Cannabis Nurses Magazine. Having Lisa as part of the team is a big honor for Dockside. Her passion for sharing cannabis knowledge with others is visible in her communication with customers and medical patients alike!

Seattle Central College Community Spotlight

You can check out Lisa’s full feature here, but we simply have to share this amazing point that she makes about medical cannabis: “What is most rewarding for me is when a patient finds something that improves their quality of life,” she explains. “Some patients have a hard time trying cannabis because of the stigma, so it’s a beautiful thing when they find a form or a regimen that works well for them, and to watch them bloom as teachers to others. It seems like things just ‘happen’ to patients, and that there aren’t a lot of choices. When they get to make a choice, and it makes their world better, I’m thrilled by their empowerment.”

Cannabis Nurses Magazine

Lisa wrote a beautiful article on Madeline Holt, a young girl whose family tried cannabis to treat her Zellweger Syndrome. Because of cannabis, Madeline’s family has watched her achieve things they had previously never thought possible. Please, check out her full piece on CNM’s website. Madeline’s story is truly inspirational and provides one more testimonial to the benefits of medical cannabis.