New at Dockside: Heylo Cannabis!

When it comes to choosing which brands Dockside partners with, we are admittedly selective. Very selective. We know that the people and companies we work with reflect who we are, and we always want to ensure we’re providing the best products we can to those who choose to shop with us and #LiveDockside.

With that being said, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new partner to our shelves: Heylo Cannabis is now part of the Dockside family!

Heylo is an award-winning, women-owned extracts company based out of Seattle’s SODO neighborhood. Focusing on core values of education & transparency, their beliefs are so in line with Dockside’s that it makes perfect sense for us to work together. We chatted with them so that you can read, in their own words, some of the reasons Heylo stands out from the crowd!

Dockside: What’s the scoop on Heylo’s backstory?

Heylo: Heylo was founded on a mission of empowering cannabis users to get more from the plant. Lo Friesen had two formative experiences leading up to the creation of Heylo – her hands-on research at one of the world’s leading gastroenterology research labs and her time leading the R&D team at Eden Labs in Seattle. When she entered cannabis, she noticed the lack of information consumers had access to among products on the shelf. She set out to establish a company around the values of education and transparency, and Heylo was born.

Dockside: What do you think separates Heylo from other extract/cartridge brands? In particular, what helps Heylo stand out from other PAX pod producers?

Heylo: Our philosophy, technique, and sourcing. Heylo believes “the plant is smarter than we are”. So we source the best flower that is sustainably grown without harmful pesticides and we respect the plant at every stage of extraction and processing. We get a lot of joy out of converting people who previously avoided vaping because they preferred the effects of flower. If you retain all of the glorious chemistry of the flower you can create experiences similar to smoking the plant. All of our oil, whether in 510 or PAX, is made using only bud, and was thoughtfully curated to life experiences. So you’ll find a wide selection of vapes with CBD, as well as CBG, CBC, and terpenes. We make it easy for users to understand their cannabis at a deeper level by putting the Cannastamp on the box, curating a Spotify playlist, and sharing the entire analytical results on our website.

Dockside: Your core values are “transparency and education”, very in line with Dockside’s mission! What makes these values so important to you?

Heylo: These core values are inherent to cannabis. When humans use cannabis consciously, it tears down walls and makes the mind curious. It makes sense to us that a cannabis company should exude the values of the plant, and so that’s what we aim to do. If customers have an idea for how we can do it better, they can give us feedback at

Dockside: Can you tell us a bit about how Heylo sources its flower?

Heylo: It’s a lengthy process. First, the flower must meet our baseline criteria of sustainability and safety. The plant must be grown in a way that is respectful to the earth and the human body. From there, we test all of the flower we extract, both in a third-party lab and at home, to get a sense of the experience. If we like it, we’ll usually visit the farm, extract the oil, test the oil, gather feedback, and decide if it should make it in our menu and onto shelves. If we don’t love it, we don’t sell it.

We’re so happy to welcome this company to our stores, and we look forward to sharing their products with our customers! Check out our menus to see our current offerings from Heylo.

*all photos courtesy of Heylo Cannabis