Romancing The Stoned: Tips For A Weedy Valentine’s Day

You’ve probably taken cannabis to concerts, you’ve likely hiked while high, you may have even puffed pot before pumping iron… But have you ever taken bud into the bedroom? Studies are showing that cannabis can help enhance your sex life! Take a look:

  • A study, based on information gathered by the CDC over the span of 12 years and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, showed that people who use cannabis on a weekly basis have up to 20% more sex than folks who don’t. In fact, the study showed that generally, the more often people toked, the more they got busy.
  • The University of Missouri published a study that surveyed 289 women, asking if they used cannabis prior to sex and how it affected libido, sexual function, and sexual satisfaction. A whopping 65% of women felt it enhanced their sexual experience. Only 3% of those surveyed said that it killed the vibes. (The remainder had no strong opinions.)
  • Michael Castleman, M.A., who publishes a blog focused on sexuality, conducted a poll of his readers in 2011 asking them if they prefer to get high before they get down. 67% of his readers said they ALWAYS had an enhanced sexual experience when they had sex while high. 20% said their good experiences with sex & cannabis depended on mood, dose size, and strain.

Those facts are nice and all – but why do people use cannabis before they have sex? Lots of reasons! Weed has the potential to help stimulate the senses, including touch. It can also help with relaxing the mind and body, and we all know how challenging it can be to get down when we’re wound up. Cannabis can also increase endurance, as well as help to relieve pain & inflammation – which can often interfere with a satisfying sexual experience. Applied topically, cannabis oils or lubricants can stimulate blood circulation, which is an essential part of lovemaking. And lastly, a little ganja can go a long way in helping people to communicate more freely, and connect to their partner’s feelings more deeply.

For many, the trick to a great experience combining sex & cannabis lies in the dosage and method of consumption. Most experts suggest low to moderate doses to avoid becoming too anxious – or alternatively, too sedated. Remember, if you’re not familiar with pairing sex & cannabis, the goal is for you to enhance the senses, not to get senselessly stoned! Studies suggest smoking, vaping, or dabbing to be the better methods of consumption pre-sex. This is due primarily to the fact that you can feel how high you are in the moment, as opposed to other methods that can take up to an hour to take full effect, such as eating edibles, taking capsules, or using tinctures.

Ok, great- but what’s the best kind of cannabis for this? Some classic sexy-time strains we’re partial to are Blue Dream, Dutchberry or Middlefork, Wedding Cake, Cereal Milk, Pink Runtz, Yard Sale, Blueberry Trainwreck, Mimosa, Gelato #25 x Dosid If you are a novice toker, or just prefer to smoke whole bowls as opposed to taking a rip here and there, a flavorful CBD-rich cultivar like Raven’s Gilda, Frida, Cosmic Charlie, or Stargazer Myrtle can take your roll in the hay to the next level. If you’re interested in any of those particular options, you can check out our menu online here!

For edible users who are experienced and familiar with their tolerance levels, we have a plethora of different options with aphrodisiac qualities. Humans have long considered chocolate a sexy superfood, and when you add weed, it’s doubly so! Pop a mint or hard candy before making out to sweeten your kisses and get a lil weed in your system while you’re at it. Any product containing Ginkgo Biloba (such as Fairwinds Sativa Lifestyle caps, or THC Peppermint Moxey’s Mints) can also be great before sex, as Ginkgo increases blood flow and circulation to all of your bits.

Cannabis topicals are always a good bedfellow, as well. How about adding a few drops of DIY infused olive oil to make yourself a romantic massage oil? And, of course, Velvet Swing is our cannabis-infused lube of choice; it’s latex friendly and contains terpenes to help stimulate, as well as lubricate!

An active sex life has a lot of benefits, including balancing hormone production, boosting the immune system, and equalizing sleep cycles. It’s also a great form of exercise, and can reduce stress while improving your mood! And, perhaps the best part of all of this… you don’t need to practice with a partner to get these benefits!! So, smoke a little weed and fool around… it’s for your health!