Smoking Blend Recipe

Times are hard and each of us are facing our own unique hardships. It’s the same storm but we’re not in the same boat. If you’re like us and believe weed is essential, then saving money and making your weed last a little bit longer is a real concern. We understand resources are scarce right now, so we’ve designed an herbal smoking blend recipe that is great for your wallet and your weed supply. Dockside (and other cannabis stores) do not carry the below mentioned herbs (aside from cannabis) – these herbs can be found at an herbal remedy shop or other naturopathic retailer. If you’re reading this from Seattle right now, we have some shop local recommendations listed at the end of this post. 

As a precaution, do not use smoking herbs if you have severe ragweed allergies or are pregnant or nursing.

First up, use a ratio of 1 part herbal blend to 2 parts weed, for flavor and effect.

You’ll use equal amounts of each herb and because of this, it’s easiest to store all of your herbs together in a glass jar.

The herbs you’ll need for this recipe are

  • Hops – traditionally used to flavor beer, hops have similar terpenes to cannabis.

  • Damiana – known as an aphrodisiac herb, damiana boasts a mildly floral flavor and the ability to create a slight head change when smoked.

  • Mugwort – a classic smoking herb with a mild sweet flavor, mugwort is also often tucked under pillows to enhance dreams.

  • Lavender – what do lavender and cannabis have in common?  The terpene linalool, which is known for its relaxing qualities.

  • Mullein – the classic “base herb” for most smoking blends, mullein was used in Native American medicine as a herb that was smoked to clear and soothe the lungs.

To clarify: Dockside does not carry the above-mentioned herbs – they can be found at an herbal remedy shop or other naturopathic retailer listed below. 

Most of the herbs (damiana excepted, as it already looks like shake) can be rubbed through a mesh sieve or just given a whirl in a clean spice or coffee grinder until the mix is roughly the kind of texture you would want to roll up and smoke.   You can use an old, clean paintbrush to clean your coffee grinder, so your next cup of coffee doesn’t taste weird. 

Mugwort is a little fibrous, but it can be broken up easily with your hands before you add it to your mixture.  Be sure to remove as many of the stems as you can.

Once your herbs are ground and it has your preferred texture, combine one part herbal blend with two parts weed and roll up or load up. It’s really up to you and it’s just that easy! You can make a number of different smoking blends. Smoking herbs can be rolled into joints, smoked out of pipes or bongs, or even loaded into flower vaporizers!

Local spots in Seattle to pick up herbs for blending:

Rainbow Remedies – located in Capitol Hill. They offer several pre-blended options if you don’t want to DIY.

And of course, there are several places where single herbs can be purchased online.