Why It’s a Good Idea to Keep a Strain Diary

We trust our knowledgeable budtenders to make great recommendations for us based on what we’re looking for. Yet it’s important to keep in mind that we all have different bodies, and no two people experience a strain in exactly the same way. A strain’s cannabinoid ratio and terpene profile interact with our individual body chemistries differently. It’s the same reason why we all have unique preferences when it comes to taste and smell. A cannabis strain diary is a great way to keep track of all the different strains you try, and it makes remembering how each affects you much more manageable.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what you even ate for breakfast, so do yourself a favor and start a strain diary. It’s easier than you think.

While you may prefer a blank journal that you can customize to your liking, we’ve provided an easy-to-print┬átemplate that can get you started right now! Keep your papers in a folder by your couch, or wherever you most often consume.

If you’re making your own strain diary, some things to include are:

  • Date and time you consumed
  • Strain, vendor and type of product if you mix and match
  • Dosage (was it a joint or 10mg edible?)
  • Effects upon consuming (did you get the munchies, did it help with pain relief, were you more creative or did you get paranoid?)
  • How long did the effects last?
  • Additional Notes

This journal is all yours to edit and modify, so add categories that are right for you!

We made some examples of what variations of that could look like:

Share your strain diary creations with us! Tag us on instagram @dockside.cannabis.seattle and we’ll give you a shoutout!

Empower yourself to have the best possible experience! Happy journaling!