The Importance of Medical Cannabis Consultations in a Recreational World

Dockside Cannabis is the oldest medically endorsed cannabis shop in Seattle. Since 2011, Dockside continues to provide safe access, free education and quality medical consultations for the medical cannabis patients of Washington state. We at Dockside believe it is vital for patients to have access to reliable information and guidance tailored to their unique needs and this is where our medical consultations truly shine. 

Our personalized approach to care
Dockside prioritizes personalized care, recognizing that every customer has unique medical conditions, concerns and goals. Unlike generic advice found online, our consultations are conducted by state-certified professionals. By delving into details, we offer tailored recommendations and dosing strategies to optimize the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. It can take a little experimenting to find the thing that works best for you, but we promise to be there every step of the way. We even offer a 15-day exchange on products with your receipt should the recommended product not work for you. See our website FAQ for more details.

Expert knowledge and experience
One of the advantages of Dockside’s consultations is the expertise of our staff. Our medical consulting teams are trained and Medical Cannabis Consultant (MCC) certified by the WA Department of Health and are well-versed in the complexities of cannabis, including strains, methods of consumption and potential interactions with other medications. With their comprehensive knowledge, they guide customers in choosing the most suitable products and methods to address specific conditions, particularly for DOH qualifying conditions, ensuring safety and efficacy. 

We go beyond simply providing recommendations. By explaining the science behind cannabis, discussing potential side effects, and addressing concerns about dosage and administration, we enable everyone to navigate the world of cannabis with confidence. Our consultations fill a crucial gap in the medical cannabis industry by providing personalized and expert guidance to customers seeking the benefits of cannabis. When selecting a medically endorsed cannabis retailer, it’s important to research which ones have generated medical cards for patients recently (within the quarter) as it shows they are current and prioritize serving medical patients.

Through our personalized approach, expert knowledge and educational initiatives we enhance patient care and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health. As the medical cannabis landscape continues to evolve, Dockside will remain at the forefront, advocating for patient-centric care and helping unlock the full potential of cannabis. Have more questions? Email us or read our Medical Cannabis FAQ here.

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