The Ultimate Guide to the Wedding Cake Strain

We are all aware of the overabundance of Wedding Cake in this state, right? If you aren’t, then you must just be smoking it like crazy, because this strain is EVERYWHERE!

At Dockside, we aim to carry a carefully curated variety of strains so that all of our customers can find something that works for them. Each of these Wedding Cake cultivars varies slightly in their effect profile, aroma, and appearance due to their unique phenotype.

What the heck is a phenotype?

Phenotype is the set of observable characteristics resulting from the interaction of a living specimen’s genotype (genetic constitution) and its environment.

For example, Flamingos in some areas get their pink color due to a specific food that is available in their environment. The same type of Flamingos can be white if they live in a different area with a different local diet. Both pink and white flamingos have the same genotype but are considered to be different phenotypes.

When two growers plant the same cannabis strain, they are technically different phenotypes as there is variation in the plants’ environments making them develop slightly different characteristics.

Availability of Wedding Cake from the following brands may vary slightly by location. Please check the online menu of the location you plan to visit for the most up to date inventory.


House of Cultivar

House of Cultivar was “…gifted their Jungle Boys cut of Wedding Cake by the cannabis gods…” and it’s the way they fluctuate the humidity parameters in their cure room that brings out the best in their cut. The effect profile leans a little more to the functional end, while still providing all the fun sparkly effects of being stoned.

“House of Cultivar’s cut is perfect for people who are looking for a lighter or more uplifting feeling. It’s perfect for socializing or toking at a show. It’s also awesome for getting chores done, or projects completed.” – Sara (Buyer)

“Sneaky relaxing with a toasty, sugary top note and a warm vanilla base. HOC’s Wedding Cake is delicious and soothing like the first glass of cold champagned at a wedding reception, just without the potential for shame over what happened later.”  –Erin (Supply Chain Manager)

Canna Organix

This slice of Wedding Cake is VERY unique due to the fact it is the only option that is grown outdoors. The aromatic profile is extremely gassy with a splash of breath at the front of the nose and a touch of butter and vanilla at the back. Canna Organix did four test runs on this strain before bringing it to the market. They claim their Wedding Cake stands out from the others because of attention that each plant gets; hand watering, organic nutrients, and pest control.

“Canna’s Wedding Cake definitely comes through as a strong and very decompressing indica high, able to easily kill anxiety. I like th trim on this one best, a little more fluffy and natural- and it sits at a comfortable price point” – Scott Spicer (Shift Lead, Dockside Ballard)

I’m impressed with the physical/visual aspect of Canna’s cut and its fluffy-ness makes it a little easier to roll.” -Bryce (Budtender, Dockside 85th & Aurora)



Exotikz’s cut is cloned from the winner of a 200 plant pheno-hunt led by some of the most famous California cannabis celebrities. Exotikz says it’s their growing methods, everything from the lights to the nutrients and the process from veg to cure, which have been dialed in by the Jungle Boys themselves that sets their Wedding Cake apart from the rest.

“The overall experience was very pleasant. Exotikz’s curing process provides a very clean tasting and very smooth smoking product.” – David (Manager, Dockside Shoreline)

“Exotikz’s Wedding Cake has the most pungent terpene profile and the best taste by far. It’s almost trimmed to perfection every time. The high is a perfect social daytime indica for those heavy smokers.” – Marcus (Shift Lead, Dockside Ballard)



LIfted’s phenotype is sourced direction from CA’s original breeder, J-Beezy of Seed Junky. This cut boasts powerful aromatics: gassy, earthy, and a whole lotta kush. Lifted’s cure method is what sets their Cake apart from the rest; they hang-dry, trim, and then jar cure the flower to ensure the terpene profile remains as intact as possible.

“It seems to hit the perfect combination of smell, taste, appearance, and effect. It has a nice skunky funkiness with a sweet flavor.” – Kenji ( Assistant Manager, Dockside SODO)

“When I smake Lifted’s Wedding Cake, it’s no that I can’t move my limbs, it’s just that I don’t want to. It has a strong indica feel and has a noticeably sweet, robust terpene profile.” – Joni (Assistant Manager, Dockside Shoreline)

“The flavor profile is pungent and robust, the potency is long-lasting and dummy stong. Our customers are obsessed.” – Markus (Shift Lead, Dockside SODO)