What is 710?

If you aren’t aware of the hottest new stoner holiday: 710, don’t worry! It’s not nearly as old as 420 and not as many odd and bizarre conspiracies surround it, but hey — we stoners will take any excuse to celebrate cannabis! While 420 celebrates all forms of the plant, 710 focuses on concentrates. Will 710 be the next 420? Who knows, but we’re here to spread some awareness about this new holiday! 

What is 710?

710 takes place on July 10th and while it’s usually celebrated only on this day, we at Dockside are celebrating 710 the whole month of July with new deals every week! But what is 710 exactly? It’s a day dedicated to concentrates, oils, extracts and dabs. Some examples are hash oil, wax, shatter, budder, etc. Check out our blog post ‘concentrates 101’ for more information on all things concentrates!

Where did 710 come from?

The story goes that 710 got its start in 2012. Some say the day was originally called International Dab Day. Who and where remains speculative, but according to an interview with The Leaf Online, the rapper Taskrok chose 710 as the day of celebration! Taskrok was looking for a day to celebrate dabbing much like how 420 celebrates the consumption of all cannabis. July 10th was chosen because 710 upside down and backwards looks like OIL — this is especially noticeable on a calculator. Taskrok has declined to take ownership of the new holiday saying it belongs to the community. 

Why try cannabis oils, extracts, dabs and concentrates?

Consuming concentrates often causes the pleasant effects of cannabis to set in even faster than smoking flower or consuming edibles. Often it only takes a few seconds after dabbing or consuming concentrates for the user to feel the effects. Concentrates can also be a better value— a little goes a long way and they’re much more potent. When properly stored, concentrates will stay fresh for much longer than their flowery and edible counterparts. If you have respiratory issues, dabbing might be an alternative to consider as the inhale is less harsh.